Ranjana Kanti, Founder, Clay n’ Color Communications

To juggle between three independent yet integrated enterprises and ensure that each emerges successful is no cushy task, but Ranjana Kanti epitomised entrepreneurship against all odds. She runs Clay n’ Color Communications, an ad agency which provides a 360 degree branding and integrated marketing communication solutions and PR support. Simultaneously, she also looks after the sister concerns — E-dutainment Unlimited, which offers quality education and industry-relevant training to aspiring animators, digital filmmakers and students and Redstreet Productions, a production house.

Established in 2003, Clay n’ Color is among the fastest emerging creative agencies, which strives continually to fulfil the demands of each of its clients by providing 360 degree market solutions. Its designs spell function, elegance and efficacy while its solutions allow for communication synergy that is integral to every brand managers’ goal.

Redstreet Productions, on the other hand, is a full-service production house comprising highly talented and creative personnel, most of whom are graduates of top institutions like Sheridan, VFS and NID. The firm primarily functions to plan, create and implement solutions within an infinite range of audio-visual communications.

Specialising in 3D animation and gaming is E-dutainment Unlimited, which undertakes 3D animation assignments and projects having live-action elements or vice-versa. Besides developing its own IP content, the organisation engages in high quality work for developing 3D products and character, models, animations, game cinematic and game assets and interiors, among others.  

“From advertising commercials to making corporate films and documentaries, we harness diverse media and grab audience attention. We also provide communication solutions that are original and effective and ensure to cater to all the creative processes of production,” said Kanti.  

What differentiates Clay n’ Color Communications from other advertising firms in the field is its brilliant campaigning which includes creative concepts, digital displays, printed posters, web banners, audio visuals and almost everything that is required to create the right kind of buzz in the market. The company’s well-equipped team of passionate experts enjoys excellent track record with clients, which include large corporate houses as well as niche companies. “Our creativity, value-added marketing and timely deliverables transform the client’s vision into reality — “Shaping Ideas to Life”.

Along with the talent of our full-service agency, our client roster benefits also from the resources provided by our sister companies, Redstreet Productions and E-dutainment Unlimited,” explained Kanti.

One of the biggest challenges Kanti faced is still trying to overcome is to make the campaign ‘India Redefined’ a success.  “It is a movement to enlighten every Indian citizen and make them aware of their rights and responsibilities, a movement that resurrects India to regain its lost glory. It is for those Indians who seek to change the country before proudly handing it over to their next generation,” asserted Kanti adding that “the movement is still at an evolutionary stage and there are plenty of challenges that still need to be overcome. 

So far, the biggest achievement for the company is the merger with international firms and the immense exposure to the different aspects of digital filmmaking. Besides, Kanti’s relentless hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed either. In 2007, she was recognised during an event ‘Women of Substance’ for the enormous effort she put for a successful entrepreneurial venture. She was also featured in a publication ‘Stree Shakti’ released in the following year. This apart she was also interviewed by a Mumbai-based news channel and got featured in the cover story of magazines like Digit Magazine and articles in newspapers like DNA and Metro.

For years now, E-dutainment Unlimited has also been providing training and education in graphics, multimedia and animation to people in the age group of 7-70. These also include a number of economically deprived kids who are trained and later find good placements in the industry which has a huge demand for such skilled personnel. As of now it is also looking to recruit creative designers, preferably NID freshers, and marketing persons for Clay n’ Color Communications.  

An update on Ranjana’s entrepreneurial journey

Since her story appeared here, Ranjana received the Global Youth 2009 Award at the India Habitat Center on 12th August 2009, International Youth Day. The awards were presented by Sh.Prakash Jaiswal Minister of Coal, Statistics and Programme Implementation, Sh. Ajay Makhan Minister of State in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Sh.Sultan Ahmed Minister of State in the Ministry of Tourism to 18 different people from India & abroad in different categories. She was the sole awardee in the social sector. The function was telecast live on DD.

Subsequently, she was also interviewd by  “Mahua News Channel” on the program “Sun re Sakhi”.

Kudos to Ranjana!!

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  1. Please be with me in Redefining India. See Media coverage of TIMES Of INDIA & HT on India Redefined a non-political Citizen’s Empowerment movement


    JOIN India Redefined,a non-political Citizen’s Empowerment movement,which got ‘The Best Humanitarian Initiative award& asks to fulfill ISR-IndividualSocial Responsibility.

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  3. Hi Ranjana,
    Having commitmant to a noble, social cause and fulfilling that commitmant with the kind of passion shown by you is exemplary.
    You are also beautifully balancing home, office and demands that your commitmant to this cause create.
    My best wishes and compliments.

  4. Respected Ranjana ji, I had received ur mail & subsequently I read ur blog. Ur acheivements r great & I will like to be ur well wisher, friend of u & let me know what little work can be performed by me to achieve ur goal. However, I am an Advocate by profession & practising at Bangalore.
    My contact No. is 09900313929.

  5. Respected Madam,
    Congratulations for your great achivements.you are a true leader of India and World as well.We are with you in all your efforts .
    Ramana Health And Educational Development Society
    beside ITC
    PIN 518002
    Cell 09985821375

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  7. Congratulations Ranjana for fabulous achievements in life. Of course your hard work would definately be after all this.

    Animation and Media are really booming markets and India and rather un-tapped. So I am sure there is more to come with your ventures.

    Best of Luck

  8. Training, educating, and inspiring people to appreciate their culture and country is one of the greatest challenges that one can undertake, yet it offers the highest rewards. Ranjana has done this by touching each individual’s life with her work, letting them know that no matter how socially awkward, no matter how damaged, no matter how much someone is different — people are rare, valuable, and worth knowing. Ranjana is a true leader of India…and the world as well.

  9. what an inspiring saga. Multitasking,multi dimensional, simple at exclusive.
    I will be inviting you to be on Advisory Board of fashion business network.. A new association to empower youth with Dreams and action…
    my email dearcd@yahoo.com

  10. Mam i was your student also and now I am a big admirer of yours. You chose a life of struggle to give peaceful life to all other indians.You desrve to have all of us as your supporter to redefine india and you are the most popular entrepreneur.

  11. All indians should support Ranjana Kanti, who is leading greatest movement of Indian History to redefine india

  12. All the supporters of India Redefined wish to see Ranjana ji as most popular social entrepreneurs in this world.

  13. One who has followers of all religions , one who has support of all political parties, one who has love of everyone, is no one but RANJANA KANTI. We are with you mam in Redefining India

  14. Mam, congratulations for being sole nominee of this global youth award. You are the best and deserve the best.

  15. Ranjana Kanti is the leader of great movement India – Redefined with overwhelming support of thousands of people from across the world.
    Please see Ranjana Kanti’s interview on http://www.indiaredefined-a4c.org. Also help her in making more and more people join this movement, especially those who are ready to take leadership of their local areas. Unless India Redefined Movement becomes powerful we can not do anything about Redefining India.

  16. Change means movement. Movement means friction. Only in the frictionless vacuum of a nonexistent abstract world can movement or change occur without that abrasive friction of conflict. There can be no transforming of darkness into light and of apathy into movement without your emotion and effort. And You are already far ahead in that process. Great work. Count on me too for your movement, India Redefined. Gud Luck :-)

  17. Kudos Kudos

    Creating replicable projects & giving them optimum visibility is the Mantra.

    Keep it up with Horizon as the Target.

    Colonel B K Kailash

  18. Hi,

    Congratulations for this achievement,


    Sincere regards

    Ujjwal Shirsat.

  19. In my opinion you deserve the MPEC award.
    I had visited your profile & after that tried to search about you & find very impressive informations about you. Your movement site should be little bit more informative, but your Production house sites are really impressive. I’ll definitely recommend anyone to visit your sites
    redstreetproductions.com & edutainmentunlimited.co.in

    best of luck…see u as the winner of MPEC’09

  20. I want to be like you & be with you…
    How you handle all of these? I can’t even manage my homework…myself.

    Congrats & wish you to became MPEC ’09 winner.

  21. speaking as her son, i can proudly call her my mother, as she has given me the best environment to grow up in, given me the best of education, and allowed me to chase my dreams. i just hope i cross the high bar she has set for me, which is evident from her long, lasting achievements in her career. a woman of such high morale and caliber deserves nothing less than a standing ovation.

  22. brilliant profile. ideal (and best) candidate for the entrepreneurship award, and your exemplary hard work and dedication towards your field/career and social causes upgrades your achievements, identity and status to another level. wish you all the best for the future and continue inspiring the younger generations. congratulations.

  23. Congrats for your noble cause of training slum dwellers in the field of multimedia. As well as for your initiatives for redefining India through your movement Indiaredefined-a4c.
    After that your involved in marketing & production through your companies Redstreet Productions & ClaynColor Comm. shows that you have tremendous source of energy & willpower to handle all of these stuffs.
    My salute to you & all WOMEN Power that going to revolutionaries our Nation…..Congrats once again!

  24. Great work. Saw websites of your companies, Redstreet Productions, E-dutainment Unlimited and clay n color communications. Very good works. I will promote your movement India Redefined. We really need such initiatives in our country.

  25. Ranjana is an entrepreneur in true sense – social entrepreneur and business entrepreneur both. I saw india redefined website. Saw her interview and also on this website “click to view about her” . I think whole world should support a person like her with no vested interest.

  26. I know Ranjana mam since 5 years.Have seen her spendind every bit of her resources, energy, money (whatever she earns from her husband’s companies )for such causes. Have never met so selfless person in my entire life. She really deserves this prize money, by which many slum youths will get graphics-animation training. Without forming any Ngo, she has worked for underpriviledged.She generates her resources by bringing business for her production house, animation studio and ad agency and getting percentage out of it, by which she pays the training fees of these slums. Her companies also do good creative works, which one can see on their websites. I try to help Ranjana mam in all her activities.

  27. I absolutely love Ranjana Kanti’s outlook, attitude and enthusiasm towards life and towards her work. We can sincerely expect great things from her and those she impacts through her life and her work. I will look forward to keeping track of her developments.

  28. It was very inspiring. In our Bharat, since ages, our Rishis, Maharishis have bowed to the power of Shakti…….In this men dominated world, due to false ego, we all forgot this universal and eternal truth that nothing moves without Shakti and you represent the same…….My best wishes to accomplish more….. More to see in future.


    Madhukar Panday

  29. Speaking as her son, she is not just a mother who was caring, loving and nurturing but a women who is strong headed with a philosophy of ‘be-the-change-you-want’ and supportive of every initiative I have taken.

    I have nothing but love and respect for her

  30. Hey Ranju its great to see you here…..gr8 keep it up I also visited your movement indiaredefined-a4c…good good, keep it up.

  31. Ranjana seems to have a unique ability to connect with people and motivate them by her transparent and down to earth attitude. Her efforts in vocational education of slum youth through her Animation Studio and now trying to make public servants accountable through her movement “India Redefined” are commendable.

    I wish her success and consider her a worthy candidate for this challenge

  32. I tried to find about Ranjana Kanti and her companies E-dutainment Unlimited,Redstreet Productions, and Clay n colors Communication-ad agency. They have done some great works in ad films, animation. But most amazing part was running this movement India Redefined, without any financial support by forming NGO. Thousands of people have joined this under Ranjana’s leadership.She deserves the best support from these challenge competitions, media and all indians

  33. Mam you have taken more difficult challenges in your life than this most popular entrepreneurship challenge 2009. Want to see some ads made by your company Redstreet productions and will support you all my life for this movement lead by you India Redefined

  34. A person who was chosen as a sole awardee in the social sector, of Global Youth 2009 Award at the India Habitat Center on 12th August 2009, International Youth Day, and who as initiated the most difficult movement in indian history -India Redefined, definitely deserves the best. This award will be utilized for better purpose by her than others who will use this for their business. She has supported so many slum youth without forming any NGO, and still struggling. Please see her social works list http://www.indiaredefined-a4c.org and see her interview on this site.

  35. This is a promise to this great person that I will try to make people awared about this India Redefined movement. We all are with you. May you win this award and use it for better causes than others.

  36. Great works. You are infact the most popular Entrepreneur, whom 29000 people are already following in this movement lead by you. Add me to your movement, India Redefined.

  37. It is great to see your interview on http://www.indiaredefined. By being a part of this great step taken by you, all indians can collectively have a voice to express our opinions for change and make a difference to our society and governance at large. We all salute this effort taken by Ranjana.

  38. India Redefined (www.indiaredefined-a4c.org)is a great initiative. All indians should be proud of this and actively participate. One should heip this lady, sole awardee in the social sector for this youth award to reach more and more people.

  39. Every Indian should read about this movement India Redefined started by Ranjana Kanti on


    India Redefined is a movement initiated by Ranjana Kanti so that each citizen of this country is ignited. This movement aims to strengthen the voice of the people and become the backbone of support for all people of India who want to see their country as the very best in this world.

  40. Keep the good work going!

    It is not so easy, yet you have the energy, enthusiasm, willpower and positive intention.

    We need more and more people like you on the earth.

  41. Congratulations to you Ms Kanti !!
    Keep the good work up. Wish you become one of the most shining icon in your segment. Your illustrated work brings proud to entire of the NOBA (Netarhat Old Boys Association) family. All the best!!

    Naveen (93 Batch)

  42. I am overwhelmed at the initiatives taken up by Ranjana Kanti. I would like to congratulate her for her achievements. I hope she takes up some initiative in promoting basic education to children regarding their basic rights and leads a team of dedicated inviduals to initiate a nation-wide campaign.
    Rajdeep pathak

  43. Continue the good work. we are all proud of you and will happily join hands with you on the ‘India Redifned’, in whatever ways possible.

    Best of Luck.

  44. Dear Ranjana Kanthi,

    CONGRATULATIONS for this achievement, we (Brijj family) are proud of you.


    Sincere regards

    Ved Prakash
    GM (Procurement)
    Jaiprakash Associates Limited

  45. i am daughter of dr satish kr netarhat 65-71 anand ashram
    live in andheri mumb have done NIFT SOMTIMES BACK
    like to join your group

  46. In my sense, women can score better than men on enterprenuership scale. They are great in efficiency and cost management. Good to read!

  47. Inspiring, its always a pleasure to read about women entrepreneurs who are doing wonderful work .Wish you success

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