~Puja and Rajan Arora, Founders, NurseryAdmissions.Com

“First step in Education”
Being a parent is not an easy task in this day and age which we live in. Making the best choices for ones progeny can be confusing especially when it comes to getting an education. The range of choices and the assorted claims by educational institutions can turn a simple decision into a mind boggling experience. Puja and Rajan Arora are two parents who faced this conundrum and decided to make life easier for other parents like them. NurseryAdmissions.Com is not just their entrepreneurial venture but a helping hand to those in a similar position.

Their site was launched 2 years ago with a very small motive – to help parents in the nursery admissions process in Delhi by providing appropriate information and guidance. NurseryAdmissions.Com is maintained by the Husband/Wife team with the sole objective of not letting any parent suffer the lack of information and help, which they faced when their son was due for nursery school admission two years ago.

An initiative which started as a passion, has turned into a huge venture. The social network has grown in leaps and bounds with 11600 couples as member and has hundreds joining daily. 

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The entrepreneurial couple spoke of their venture and its implications saying “ started as our “Parents for Parents Initiative”. The biggest problem faced by any parent once their child is young enough to go to school, is to get admission in a good school of their choice. With so many schools to choose from, it is very difficult to keep track of the admission procedures and dates for any parent.”

“It is a virtual nightmare, which one gets to experience when they face it themselves. Two years back, we faced the same problem. Looking for our son AAryan’s admission, we found no resource, online or offline to help us. After trying to convince many others including our son’s play school to start such centralized Nursery Admissions Help lines on the internet and getting no positive response from anyone, we decided to take up this initiative ourselves. This led to the birth of the Biggest Community of Parents discussing and sharing issues related to school admissions and it was called NurseryAdmissions.Com. It started as a “Parents for Parents Initiative” with just the two of us researching and putting the information online to share with other parents. Slowly and steadily, the word spread about this social initiative by word of mouth as well as national media and today it is the biggest community of parents on this subject. We now call it a ‘Parents for Parents Community’.”

 If the numbers are anything to go by then NurseryAdmissions.Com will soon be among the largest online communities. The duo says “The scope of this community is growing with every passing day and we expect to widen its reach and benefits in the time to come by bringing in the schools and the decision makers on this platform. Currently, there are approx 12500+ parents/couples as members on NurseryAdmissions.Com and it is expected to reach more than 50,000 by March 2010.”

“It is not an Orkut or a Facebook but it surely is one of the stickiest community sites, with more than 60 minutes spent online daily per visitor/ 60 plus pages visited per user and less than 20% bounce rate. Currently, this platform is catering to parents in Delhi and NCR only. We are getting lots of requests from parents from other cities in India and plan to expand our reach to many of the top cities in the first phase.”

The couple cited their reasons for loving the entrepreneurial path they have taken saying “Its the freedom to innovate, to think, to be creative and to help others.”

They have found that a good idea can work and all you need is to believe. They spoke of the lesson they learnt in self belief saying “ We underestimated the response to an initiative, which started from home : ) Can’t call it a mistake though, in fact it motivates us now.”

The investments that they have made have been of varying kinds. “It can not be measured in rupees or dollars. There is more sweat and blood equity, which has made this platform what it, is today. Everything including the capital investment has been in house.”

The light of knowledge and information they have lit continues to burn fiercely. Their path breaking initiative has gathered a lot of attention, Puja speaks of the accolades that have been showered on them saying “NurseryAdmissions.Com has got huge media attention, be it the national dailies like “The Hindustan Times”, “The Times of India”, “The Indian Express”, “The Asian Age” and a leading newspaper in Switzerland or the media channels like “NDTV”, Zee TV etc. However, we still believe the best recognition we get is in the form of hundreds of emails, which we get from parents who have benefited from our platform. Our most prestigious award is the love and wishes we have received from parents in the past 2 years. And every time a child secures his right to good education, it is an award for us.”

The husband-wife duo seem to have found their life’s aims in aiding others, and Yourstory wishes them success and happiness along the way. The entrepreneurial couple conveyed their simple yet powerful message to all those who want to make a change with their ideas saying “Never give up.”


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  1. I got sibling points, neighborhood points but school management says that transfer clause in my appointment letter is not clear so points for the same cannot be awarded hence my daughter cannot be admitted in the same school, surprised to know during admission of first child same clause was valid but not for second child. There is no control of education department or Delhi Government on schools to set proper Guidelines for Nursery Admission criteria. I have to wait for one more year to get my daughter admitted in school. If I get transfer case points my daugter could have got admission.
    Can you help on this……….

  2. Dear Arvinder,

    Thank you so much for your kind words and sharing your joy with us.
    We are happy we could help and be part of this important phase of your life.

    When we hear the happy news from any parent, it is our biggest reward and we feel the joy within ourselves too.

    You would be happy to know that we are now on our mission to take ( Previously called ) to other cities in India and help millions of parents all over India going forward.

    We seek your support, wishes and blessings for the same.

    Good luck for your daughter’s education and her future..

    All the best,
    Puja Arora
    Founder ( Previously called NurseryAdmissions Dot Com )

  3. you guys are doing excellent job . helped us a lot and our daughter got admission last year in DPS.
    keep up the good work !!!

  4. Dear All,
    Hi, Is anybody aware of a school takes care of slow learners/metally challanged kids along with normal kids to develop there skill set and bring them up like a normal kid?
    Pls. help me in this!
    with b. rgds
    Manish Gupta

  5. Can anyone advice me on admissions in nursery in dwarka, have they started, if not when are they expected to start. Thanx

  6. I am recently transferred from hyderabad to delhi and am residing in dwarka. My daughter is born in April 2008. Can i admit my daughter for LKG or Nursery. Pls advice on the schools near to Dwarka sector 10.

  7. i want to know what is the exact procedure of nur admission in “modren bharakhambha road.plz send me whole detail………

  8. The importance of such a piece of work as will be realised when you go through the struggle of getting your child admitted in any respectable school in Delhi-NCR. The most important requirement then is information, which is bridged by the site benefiting thousands of parents. I personally benefitted immensely from the site and really appreciate the effort by Rajan and Puja Arora. Kudos to the team and their idea and effort.

  9. I thank for providing authentic useful information which help us save our time, money and effort in admission of our first child. It was really great help

  10. Hi,

    Thanks to the website, i have saved lot of money this time.

    i have saved not less than 3000 Rs by not buying prospectus and only the forms. Last year i paid the same money but this time around, i save d the money.

    Thanks Nursery admission


  11. happy new yr,
    As i applied last year in Queens marry,mayur vihar,
    As i m in neighbor hood and my daughter is jan 07 born,even then could not get admission
    I m again applying in same school .i dont know whether i’ll be
    able to get thru or not. As no sibling/alumni/non other criteria only girl child points .

    pata nahin kya hoga


  12. Good Morning Pooja & Rajan Arora,

    My daughter birth date is 24-10-2007. According to this birth date, she is eligible for taking the admission in any west delhi? Please help me in that matter of Age of 3+ whether she is admitted as 3+ or 4+.

  13. I must say the efforts being done by Rajan & Pooja are highly appreciable. Its a step, which should have been initiated by government to cater the need of parents and provide them adequate information on admission process, has been started by this couple. This website & infrmation mails are extremely good, so we need not to go anywhere to see the latest updates. Thanks once again Rajan & Pooja to start this community to help parents.
    My best wishes are with you.

  14. Atleast somebody thinks and cares about the parents community!!! Though the Govt. doesn’t seems to do so…

    Thanks Pooja, Rajan & Team!!! for providing all needed information under one roof. Your efforts are really laudable.

    We wish you all the sucess and good luck in all your future endeavours.

    Thanks once again!!!

  15. [quote name=”FARAH Khan”]Indeed this site is extremely helpful……….However, i Propose an expansion of this site into newer dimensions like making communities of parents whose kids get admission to the same schools and then making them share their experiences so as to get a better overview of the schools performance that shall be helpful for new parents looking for schools.[/quote]

    @ Farah – Thanks for your good words.
    We are working on these lines only now. Look forward to announcements from us in future.


  16. Indeed this site is extremely helpful……….However, i Propose an expansion of this site into newer dimensions like making communities of parents whose kids get admission to the same schools and then making them share their experiences so as to get a better overview of the schools performance that shall be helpful for new parents looking for schools.

  17. Dear Manoj,

    Ty for your good words.
    We wish you all the best for Gulnar’s education and her future.
    Its the love of all of you that keeps us going.

    Raj Arora
    Founder at NurseryAdmissions.Com
    Parents For Parents Community

  18. Hi
    Thanks to Puja and Rajan for such a nice, informative initiative to help parents. The site, comments of parents, feedback about schools, possible questions in interviews really helped us to secure admission of our daugher Gulnar Bharati in Somerville School Noida.
    With warm regards
    Manoj Kumar

  19. Thanks a lot for providing so much information for my Son’s admission. I m working so it was not at all possible to have this much info by interacting with others in my society/colleagues.Finally my son got through Mayoor & Amity. Thanks a lot to to the founder & parents for sharing their experience.

  20. Hi,

    I have been a lucky one to become a member of this very helpful website which kept updating me on a very regular and spontaneous basis. I am overwhelmed to see people like Puja and Rajan, to be of a great help and support to Parents in their times of need. I am highly thankful and would again resort to this website in future. This year, my daughter has got selected in DAVPS…

  21. This is indeed very wonderful website which provide timely & complete update on Nursery admission in NCR.

    For new parents this is must visit site & should be treated as Bible for nursery admissions

  22. I am very thankful to u guys for giving a social platform very tremendous information can be avail free of cost which is very important because the information regarding the admission of a child is a now a days crucial for all the parents.
    Thanks a lot

  23. Dear pooja and rajan….thanks for creating such a wonderful site…which is so informative with every minor details taken cared of..
    i totally rely upon ur site as my son is to take admission this year..(as he is turning three this december)..and though being at home most of the times and my husband is out of the city for his job..i am not worried of missing any information regarding nursery admissions…i would like to add that i always mention about to parents in varnits(my son) preschool…who are worried for admissions of their ward
    i thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for your efforts…and pain
    u both ROCK!!!
    love and regards

  24. yes, this site was really a big help to all the parents as it kept us well informed and also gave us a good platform to interact with other parents and answers to our querries

  25. Site is really informative. Will provide the update of the admission really fast…………… :-)

  26. NurseryAdmissons.Com is the best venture to start in India that has happened for solving problems faced by parents seeking admissions. Without it, the whole process was a big mess.

  27. Thanks a lot by starting this website. This is a wonderful idea and knowledge sea.

  28. please help me pooja ji & ranjan ji we re planning to shifting delhi to gurgaon now in april month all school’ s . admission procedure is finished but some schools are give admission. which school is better we r confused please tell us ryan international sec 40 gurgaon or salwan public school sec-15, guragon or dps, dav please help me.

  29. Came to know about your website form one of my friends.
    We both took advantage of what you & your team had provided on ur site. It was after that the process for nursery admission in various schools for my daughter,looked easier.
    Tension & anxiety levels came down & today we are relaxed as our daughter has got admission in a very good school of north Delhi.
    U guys are really quick n thanks for the timely information.
    God bless!!!!!!!!!
    One thing I would suggest is that the area-wise school ratings if provide by you will be of great help to the community.

  30. Yes indeed….you guys have helped a lot to the society. May God bless u always…. 😀
    Keep it up!!

  31. I always thanks for Puja & Ranjan and all the staff of nursery admission-2010-11 for guiding of nursery admission time to time. My daughter take an admission at Presentation Convent School.


  32. Even though I never received any sms from your website… but still your website has helped us a lot in securing admission for our child…
    Thanks a ton

  33. Good Afternoon Sir,
    I have received a lot sms in yours goodself. I always thanks to you & also thanks to your team and thanks to all the parents who suggest me for nursery admission.

  34. thanks a lot. after getting in touch this site, i m constantly getting relevant information for my son admission. thanks for focus result orianted process.

  35. Yes it did help, In fact I did not bother to make alist and then shortlist them as i knew it will get highlighted at this site.


  36. read about this website once in HT n believe me after that for nursery admission process in various schools for my daughter i stopped reading newspaper but just u guys are really quick n thanks for the timely information. God bless!!!!!!!!! :
    :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  37. Last year, I applied in various nursery schools in South Delhi, and your site helped immensely in the process, for which I am truly indebted. Let me know how and where to vote and I will gladly do that.

  38. Suggestion – There should be option to read comments received from various persons in the mail box to which the alert is received.
    This would be really convenient.

  39. Hi ! Rajan

    We would like to contribute you to your reform. If you can share your contact no. or give us a call back at 9811441877.

  40. Puja & Rahul…3 cheers to both of you..Although we are in the midst of admissions this year…I would like to thank you for your initiative with All the Best

  41. I am following this website since last 4-5 months. it is being updated regularly. In our mission we have been helped by Mr & Mrs Arora selflessly & their website was a blessing to all of us. All credits goesw to them. It is really commendable.

    I wish them very best in life

  42. Hi friends,
    Realy u did a great job. This helped me a lot . Few forms i could fill only due to well in advance informed by Nursery addmission .com
    Thanks a lot to Nursery addmission .com team

    Raj kumar

  43. 😀
    guys u r grt.
    this is one .of the grt social service wat u people r doing today.Without this site we wud have never come to know abt th schools which r just next door to us.
    it is just too small to say that the site is gud. Love u guys. thanks.

  44. “Service before Self” – what a proverb and you have done it. My best wishes to both of you for further reaching out your hands for keeping this tempo going high.

  45. It is indeed a great task done by both of you for all parents who can get all the necessary admission information,tips from this website.

  46. Hi Guys,

    Thanks for your help and support!!!!

    This extremely extra ordinary to provide such a helpful information under one roof.

    Appreciated on behalf of all the parents!!!

  47. 😆 thanks for the unique and useful iformation for the parents and wards as well,kindly mail me west delhi schools near to paschim vihar for pre nursury school for my grandson.
    thanks and with love,

  48. a great help to me as i get answer to many of my queries but not all . can you kindly help me to be a part of this group and share all information. as i tried to subcribe to be member but efforts failed. my kids admission to nursery is due this session and i am in urgent need of all relevanrt information.

  49. 😛 I cant express my gratitude as being a working women I cannot keep record of all the details but ur alerts keep me in touch thx allot

  50. Hi Ranjan/ Puja,
    Need to get in touch with regarding a advertising proposal for your blog,

    pls send your contact details at my email id

  51. No thanks can be enough for helping parents like me with your inputs. You are doing a great service.

  52. 😆 Hi! Pooja and Rajan,
    I think u r doing noble work to help the parents by providing all the information on a single click.
    Himanshu Bhardwaj

  53. Hi Puja & Rajan
    Thnks a lot for making a family of parents of the same need. I think thnks is a very small word for you guys Your website is a proper guide for parents like me. You guys have shown a right path to us Great job Keep it up!

  54. hi both of you
    you cant imagine u was such a help last yr. during my daughters admission in nursery,keep it up, and may god bless you for all you did.
    Dr. Rashmi

  55. Pooja and Ranjan, you both have done a wonderful job by giving such friutful informations to parents in need thru this website. SMS alerts is the best part.

  56. Thanks for being the pioneers in providing very helpful service to parents in need of information and in stress of not knowing enough & in time !!

    Shiv Sachdeva


  58. Thanks for making such a good website who helps in giving information which make nursery admission easy. We get so much information from other parents which got interaction before us and many tips.

    Thank You

  59. Good work , you hv helped many parents in getting proper info on nursery admissions which was once impossible , keep up and lots of best wishes for the better services to the humanity.thnks

  60. Having hardly any grat connection and coming from 1000 kms away from Delhi, i am extremely worried where will my daughter get admission ??? The only source of commection is the website developed by Arora couple…. Forward ever…. great initiative indeed

  61. hi this is very good website, it is package of all in one . thank you for giving such value able message of parents . i wish you happy dipawali . 😐

  62. Hi Good After Noon Madam & Sir
    Happy Diwali ! I and My family wish you very Happy Diwali & God always help you.
    This site is very useful for all parents of Delhi. Thanks you and your’s family.

    From Mahendra Singh Bisht

  63. :roll:
    Hi Puja and Rajan. You have done a great job. It is a very good decision to have such a site for all the parents like me. I am regularly watching this site now a days. Good! Keep going . Infact do tell me if i can do something for its betterment.


  64. Thanks Puja & Rajan.
    I visit regularly these days as I am trying to get admission for my son in nursery Thanks a lot for providing useful stuff
    good work done
    keep going.

  65. I must thank for the great initiative taken by this good couple for helping other parents like me.

  66. Very nice site. I visit it regularly these days when I am trying to get admission for my son in nursery who is 3 . Not successful yet but this site is keeping me going. Thanks to Puja & Ranjan.

  67. Definately this site help me alot. Good work and i support u for the best bussiness entrepreneur.

  68. thanks a lot!!!!i know it,s been wonderfully helpful site with very informal atmosphere.we can say andask whatever we always wished and wanted to know.the experience shared is incredible.

  69. Thanks a ton for such a informative service.
    Add the horizon and change the name from nursery admissions to just or backtoschool .com.,because it is not the nursery to which one seeks admission to ,rather add the information for admission to other classes also.

  70. Excellent Work. Very Useful site for the Parents seeking admission to their KIDS. Keep it up.

  71. thanks to the efforts of puja and rajan we dont have to run here and there regardind admissions we are able to get all information at a single glance.there effort should be most appreciated .

  72. thanks for this wonderful site! this site has become our guide and well wisher. keep up the good work!


  74. Hi Puja & Rajan,

    I read your story and amazed to see that both of you are indeed great leaders. It is excellent on your part and thought to bring in change in such a nice manner. I am sure that I would get maximum help from your website. I would love to help myself to both of you who are doing such a tremendous work for the society . What seems to be a simple affair to every body is indeed very complicated one !!

    I would love to interact more with yopur guys and learn more from your experiences about nursery school admissions. My child too young to get the admission. However, I would like to remind myself that time flies away without one’s knowledge and in a very quick manner.

    Excellent job by both of you-THREE CHEERS HATS OFF TO YOU & a big thumbs up sign for your dedicated passion and zeal towards your enterprise.

    Thanks and regards,
    Ramani Swarna :-) :-) :-)

  75. Gr8 Job and Good Going.

    I thank and congratulate both of u on bdehalf of all the parents who have benefitted from this site. Wish u both All The Best.

  76. thanx to u pooja n rajan 4 helping all the parents .i really want to thank u 4om the core of my heart 4 suchj a noble today’s world no1 has time 4 themselves where u r working generously 4 others.its a great idea .thanx once again .my thoughts cannot b expressed in words.

  77. regards to you mr and mrs arora for coming up with such an informative website.information shared between parents is of great help for everyone.this site really encourages you to reach out and help out.otherwise these days no one has time for everyone is helping each other because everyone understands that we all are in one boat.all the best to na and all the parents seeking admission for their wards

  78. They have done an excellent work. They are true entrepreneurs.
    I wish them all the best in their endeveours.
    Abhishek Agrawal

  79. This website plays a vital role to the children for their education. It is very helpful and provides door service for the parents to know about all the schools in and around Delhi. It is really a creative idea by Shri Rajan Arora and Smt. Puja for creating this website. It is one of the social services which they are doing to help others who are in need of utilizing this service.

  80. It is a great initiative taken by Rajan and Puja, I personally know lots of people benefited from this website. Great job done and thanks lots of new stuff.


  81. I got to know about last year. The day I became member of the site, I would not like to miss visiting this site even for a single day and have been visiting very regularly though I have to apply for my son’s admission at the end of this year only. Puja Rajan have surely done brilliant job by creating I wish all the best and success to both of them.

  82. thanks for this wonderful site! this site has become our guide and well wisher. keep up the good work!

  83. This is the one site which helped me gain insight into the domain of Nursery Admissions. It is a superb concept and reflects the thoughtfulness and prudence of the creators. This is a commonplace where parents can meet to discuss and help each other secure an admission for their child. Considering 2 lakh children could not get admitted to Nursery last year in Delhi/ NCR, this is definitely the one place where one can crack the admission procedure set forward by the schools. The variety and accuracy of information that is available is commendable. Somebody who has gone through an interaction with a school immediately comments on the procedure so that the parents having their interaction on the next day are abreast and ready to face the school interviewers. The schools are baffled by the knowledge with which the parents are ready to face their gruelling sessions at ease. Thumbs up for the entrepreneurs – this one is sure to rock.

  84. I m using this site since last year and its really helpful ,
    i have remember once upon time i want to get information of one school of delhi which was very critical information and mr arora helped me and after gathering it he personally sent mail to me and my query was resolved , so its really one of the good social site which helping to people of the same problems . aftere this site popularity some other site is also started this activity but i m not satisfied with that site.
    but this site really helpful and they personally (Mr & Mrs Arora_)
    keep on touch with emails and queries.

    thanks and best regards
    – Manager(IT)
    – Punjab & Sind Bank

  85. Thx rahul and pooja you are a big help in every way. Trust me you are like those sign boards when one is lost in unknown streets. Thx so so much.

  86. 😀
    Puja and Rajan! Thanks for whatever you have done for every parent who is taking the admission thing very seriously.
    My child is eligible for admission this year and I can really tell this because of your efforts I am getting sound sleep at night, otherwise this thought of admission would leave me sleepless.I always thought what if I miss any information or form?? what will I do?
    You guys are doing a wonderful job and above all that’s just a help a guideline and beleive me I would call it an extraordinary effort without thinking twice.
    Thank you for all you help and guidence. Good luck and we God bless you!!!
    Deepti Bhandari

  87. These people are doing a commendable job and saving parents from a lot of discomfort. May God bless them.

  88. First of all i must thank Puja & Rajan Arora for taking such an initiative.
    This is really very helpful to all parents who are seeking admission for their child in nursery. All informations shared are really very helpful and keep us moving.Really a great job. Thanks.

  89. thanks a lot Puja and Rajan for deciding to go into this venture to help out parents from the trauma of getting their children admitted to school.
    i can vouch for you and say that the now i dont need to scan and rescan the newspaper and websites to keep abreast with the deadlines of schools. i can simply use the SMS service provided by your site and get instant updates from you.
    though this will not mean that i will not try and gather info but the info provided by you will be a stepping stone for me in the process of getting my ward admitted to a good school.

  90. Guys first of must say great idea & i guess only a parent who has passed through this can understand(pardon me if you are not parents as yet) but this site is blessing for all so called busy people like me. Gosh what to do we middle class are damn occupied with our daily work activities that we bound to miss school deadlines if we dont hear about them. earier the only thing was to keep doing school to school gather info & when time comes apply now I am sure with Nursery admissions things will be easier & nicer Marvelous idea it will save time of parents, keep them updated about admissions, procedures, details & also various discussions to know do’s & dont. Fabulous idea guys & trust me you have thousands of parents followers like me now.
    I wish you very best of luck. …Cheers

  91. Very Good Site!, Very Good Work especially in an era of No 10th Standard Board Exams and single entry points at schools ie. Nursery Admissions. The importance of Nursery Admissions now is more than getting into IIT or Medicine. 😀

  92. I take this opportunity to congratulate Puja and Rajan for getting nominated for the award. At the same time I thank them as well for the wonderful initiative of starting a portal assisting the parents looking for admissions for their wards. In my opinion through this process they are able to reduce the anxiety of thousand of parents in and around Delhi. I propose to Puja and Rajan to extend the facility to other metro cities first and to other cities in future as well.

    I hope they will be able to sustain their motivation level and continue very good work in the larger interest of the community.
    Cheers to both of them!!

  93. Hi

    your website is like a lighthouse in a storm in an ocean to parents like us. Keep it up and all the best in your endeavor to continue helping people.

  94. has been a highly informative and useful platform for me. We repatriated to India about 8 months ago and even before that I was a member; from helping me find resources for my child’s room to the best options for his education; I have used this forum extensively and hope that the founders are duly recognised and awarded for their sincere efforts. Thanks Puja and Rajan!

  95. First of all let me thank Puja and Rajan for getting nominated for the award. These parents are doing a wonderful job for the parent community. I am a regular visitor to site. This website is the first to come up with all the admission related news and has really helped me and are helping me with my daughter’s nursery admission. Thanks once again from the bottom of my heart. Keep up the good work folks.

  96. I always go to this site regularly to update myself for my son’s admission which has to be done this year.I am thankful to this site for updating us timely.

  97. I am in the process of getting my son admitted in school for 2010-2011 session, and I am totally relying on for their endeavour towards helping out parents like me. Their recent addition of alerts through SMS will go a long way in reaching out to parents who doesn’t have a continous access to the web. I sincerely appreciate their efforts and wish them all the luck.

  98. We are applying for our son’s admission this year and is what we are totally relying on.
    It has become a part of our life now.
    The regular updates, the forums are so handy.

    Thank you so much Puja and Rajan for this initiative.

    The community is totally living upto its theme “Parents for Parents”

  99. Some people are born to help others !!! That’s the apt description that comes to my mind when I think of this duo.
    Look at the perseverence with which they are going about fulfilling their commitment to a cause they believe in !!
    Not to mention the missionary zeal to innovate and keep it simple- THe SMS ALERTS !!! Hats off to both of you and All the Best ALWAYS!!!!!

  100. :-)Glad to do the commendation. Since we have relocated to Delhi few years back, was looking for how to go about my only daughter’s admission. Must say this network of “Nursery Admissions” is very handy to parents like us. Keep it up…bravo!!
    Rate 5

  101. “Doobte ko tinke ka sahara” is how I would describe ‘ nurseryadmissions’.
    At a time when there was mayhem, panic and downright imbecility doing the rounds ( with me in the middle of it), this site came up as a support for all parents who were looking for realtime, reliable information.
    I thank and commend the aroras for their stupendously consistent effort.

  102. When I first time saw the site, I was overwhelmed and delighted. I had never imagined the two guys within two years can do wonders. is really a great help for all those parents who are working as well as non working. It is very difficult to get information about each and every school in today’s busy life schedule but NurseryAdmissions has solved all our problems. I know handwork always wins and you guys will really win n rock. I wish you all the best and May GOD bless you.

  103. Nursery Admissions has been very helpful and the information available on this site was precise and timely. I was quite impressed by the entire website which provides the parents detailed information. The alerts on the form dates and interviews have been always correct.

  104. Great thought, you people really made an revolution and all the very best to all your work done and yet to do.

  105. I am sure they would have won if we all had known about this earlier. Most of the members of must be away due to festivals and holidays. Even I just got to know about it and took me an hour to open this site.

  106. They win this or not. They surely have won our hearts and I am amazed as to why this selfless, social initiative not been recognized or rewarded by the other achievers awards.

    How much hassle all the parents would have faced had Rajan/puja not started this and had given up after they got their kid in a school.

    Take this to other cities in India. Hope they get the right support here to take this initiative national.

    All the best.

  107. It’s always great to me when I hear of people doing things to really help others. I think the nursery admissions program is excellent and will be beneficial to a lot of people.

  108. is not just another entrepreneurial venture; it is a helping hand to other parents like Puja and Rajan Arora.
    Their site was launched 2 years ago as a help to parents in Delhi. This services offered are a complete guidance and appropriate information about nursery admissions.
    This passion has become a strong venture. It has now 11600 couples, and hundreds joining every day. This community is said to grow fast in the couple of years. They are only attending parents in Delhi and NCR but they are going to expand into more cities.
    I think is a great site for parents in NCR and Delhi. This site grants them an appropriate guidance to parents on the trouble that is registering a son to a new Nursery.

  109. There is a famous saying ” since God could not be everywhere, he made mothers”. In another setting, since Puja and Rajan could not physically reach every parent in these rather trying times, they created this wonderful and godsend forum.

    Puja and Rajan, saying thankyou seems highly inadequate for the good you have done and i am sure will continue to.

    God bless you for taking on this rather tough path. Your giving your hand out to others sure has made the whole process more cohrent.

    A heartfelt thanks and good luck

  110. I’m fairly new to the community, but I think it’s a brilliant idea and extremely helpful to the stressed out parents.

    Best wishes to the couple at the helm of affairs. May your venture prosper and blossom.

  111. Thanks a lot pooja and rajan for your unconditional efforts…in all respects…time, money at all levels…karmic, mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and financial…may GOD bless you

  112. Congratulations on all the success that you have had. You thoroughly deserve all that comes from establishing such a solid reputation in the industry.Good luck.

  113. In the years to come, will be as indispensable as the schools themselves !!Thanks a ton for this wonderful venture.You have been instrumental in educating so many parents and increasing awareness among them.Thanks a lot!

  114. I believe this is a great idea/initiative from Puja and Rajan for bringing some respite from the pain all parents face while looking for a decent school for their children. Hope they continue the good work and wishing them all the best.

  115. Work towards a very noble cause, without which parents would be tossing in the lap of lady luck specially in today’s hectic schedules. Most of us would not have been able to keep a track of all the important dates of school admisiions where Puja & Raj have come up with a very good concept. Wish them all the luck in this endeavor as now its a matter of checking the updates once a day :-)

  116. Excellent concept, noble initiative. Congrats and thanks for helping so many. All the Best for your endeavors.

  117. Congratulations on all the success that you have had Raj. You thoroughly deserve all that comes from establishing such a solid reputation in the industry.


  118. is an amazing initiative by parents, Puja & Rajan who faced admission problems and decided to make it simpler for other parents. For person like me, this website is sometimes source of news. Great platform for parents who seek admission for their baby in school

    Aniruddha Sharma
    Principal Correspondent
    Rashtriya Sahara

  119. Instead of logging into websites of Various schools and forums, this is the place where I login to get most updted information about Nursery Admissions. They really Justify their name by their work.

    Wishing you all the very best in all your ventures in life.

  120. This is an excellent concept, all out help to bewildered parents, who are already mad with the jugglery of jobs, business, 3 year old parent at home and to look for a school to teach that parent. Excellent concept guys, expand it to other metros. there would be more mad people like us there.

  121. I just have few words to say “Friends in need are friends indeed”..and even though I have not met Puja & Rajan personally, it feels that I know them. Someone who selflessly does such a great service for unknown people deserves this award.

  122. dear puja / rajan
    you two have been excellent
    there would be hundreds of parents who would always be indebted to you two for the initiative you have taken just to make things simple for parents.

  123. Good luck guys .. You are doing an excellent job and it is also one of the best social service as you are helping parents like us who are in distress and confusion.

  124. Last Year, My wife and I really were struck to nurseryadmissions portal to look for all the information about Delhi schools. The concept is cool, parents get to experience the complete end to end admission process right from Admission Notices, School Reviews, Results on the web, Choice discussion, questions and what not.. Even though some competition was also thrown against nurseryadmission but it was still our favorite as it always retained its honest and non-biased content.

    You guys have done great job by starting this portal !! Request you to carry on this further.


  125. We are very very thankfull to Puja/Rajan who provide such a great
    site for all needs of nursery admissions.We just check this site only for all admission updates,procedures and above all forums on particular school
    to know more about that school.
    I am not a good writer, but I would definitely say “Great Job Done by these guys” and they will definitely get the blessings of many parents in their great cause.

  126. This is a great site with so much of meaning ful information. As a parent it was a nightmare to look around for info on schools, forms and most importantly the feedback of all those parents out there.

    Whenever i was in doubt , i just started a discussion on the site and ideas/inputs were pouring in like anything.

    A commendable effort by the Puja and Rajat and on top of all to all the parents who are keeping it upto to data

  127. Dear Puja / Rajan,
    I must congratulate you for the efforts you’ve put in to develop this novel concept. Its a great aid for all parents seeking nursery admissions for their child. Its definitley helping me. Still a lot needs to be done on regular basis. First and foremost is the regular updating of upcoming events and secondly cancelling of events gone by.
    Definitely you must have your constraints given your job schedules and this being a social help sort. You need to add some more administrators / moderators apart from you both who can help you in this. As the activity increases so does your efforts.
    Nonetheless its still worth emulating, worth appluading and worth offering help from our sides too.
    Thanks for your wonderful idea which has blossomed and definitely will soar to greater heights in days to come. Keep it up and Three Cheers to you.

  128. I m thnkful to this site for Prompting me timely for Admission Dates last year and because of that i could get My Daughter s admission in Reputed Bal Bharti School with Ease. I m a busy Doctor and would have missed the dead line otherwise. I sincerely thank them.

  129. They have come as saviours to so many people as their website is handy & accessible to information which is very helpful. Good to note there noble intention that they dont want million to go through what they have gone through in their life.
    All the best for their great endavour!

  130. I sincerely thank Rajan and Pooja for this wonderful effort. People are most emotional about their kids and when it comes to seeking the admission of their kids in the best suited school, these emotions often become a reason of nervousness if they are not guided well on time. This is where has played the most crucial role by guiding the parents in taking one of the most important decisions of their life.

  131. I am a parent who is applying in schools this year for my son. This site has truly helped me by keeping me abreast with the latest on the release of the forms, last dates for submission and so on. Reading the comments and concerns from other parents keeps one up to date about the latest happenings. Thanks Puja and Rajan.

  132. Getting your child admitted to the main school, is a nightmare for the parents these days. has given us a platform to know more on the admission processes and share the same to other parents. I’m very sure that almost all the parents seeking admissions to nursery for their kids must have benefitted form this venture of Puja and Rajan. I wish them all the best for getting this portal to the next higher level and succeed on making it one of the most popular portals in the times to come.

  133. My son is two and half year old now. Till a few days back, I was really worried regarding his admission into Nursery. I had read about many kids not getting admission due to lack of information about various schools, admission process etc. etc. Then one day one wife came to know about I immediately registered with them. Even though the admission process in Delhi for year 2010 has not commenced, I am totally relaxed as I get alerts every now & then through mails & messages from them. My sincere thanks & best wishes to them.

  134. I was quite worried about the process, to keep a track of all the developments related to the admission process of my daughter, which is due in coming session 2010-11.

    Thanks to Puja & Rajan for their marvelous initative, which has been there without any self interest & any external financial support. We all need to apprciate this initative taken up by these two gentlepersons for the sake of the future of our children; the future society.

    I wish them all success & would recommend all to be menmbers of this site to as to create the further awareness about this portal.

    With Best Wishes

  135. I m a regular to this site .I have many freinds whom i can help by getting the information from this site .It is very helpful. I suggest every parent to join this site who wants to get their child admitted in nursery.Thank you Puja and Rajan for your effort .

  136. I am really appreciative of your efforts to provide Information to parents as soon as it is available.
    I was able to contact all the Nursery Schools due to the information provided by you guys.
    Again…Appreciate your efforts.

  137. :-)It would be a great help to the working peoples as i am also working with a real estate organisation,

    That help us to remain in touch with the procedure of admission, I wish to Pooja for all success

  138. These guys are doing a great job. The alert facility is simply superb and keeps the parents updated on the admission annoucements made by different schools in different part of Delhi. This is what parents need – timely information on admissions. Not only this, the various articels & forums in the site help parents to prepare thenselves and also to connect various other parents.
    Thanks for such a great service.

  139. is very useful site for parents who are looking for nursery admissions in delhi and nearby areas the best part is its free and its covers all the aspects of admission related problem

  140. congrats guys!!! keep up the good work…we definately need more people like you on this planet. this website has been a pure relief …to sum up in short. all the best .

  141. i had to apply for admission to nursery of my daughter for the next academic year. Not knowing where to start, we were going to all the schools to find out the details…. and then one day i got to knew about this site…. Its a wonderful place to interact and meet like minded parents on one place… We found the “most frequently asked 100 questions during admission” very very useful. I recall 2 weeks back, i had to got to Amity Internation for an interactive session for admission. Out of anxiety , I was having butterfly in my stomach… Then i got hold of the 100 frequently asked questions with suggested answers from various parents on this site…. I collated the question answer at one place and along with my parents studied all the questions with answers. After reading through the same, our moral / confidence for the interactive session went very high. During the interactive session, 4 out of 5 questions, were from the list and i would answer it very confidently….. Thanks I am sure you are bringing smile to many a parents !! and thanks to the other parents for making it useful.

  142. The site is a a great relief to the parents seeking information related to nursery admissions.
    I’ve joined the site recently and its a one stop site to get all required updates and the recent upgrade to sms alerts is really commendable.
    Kudos to the entire team for their selfless hard work and efforts

  143. This site has been like a good friend to me. The one I can turn to for advise and guidanec as well as factual information.

  144. am very thankful to pooja and rajan arora for providing such information to society free of cost. this is fantanstic site for the one who really want. because city is flooded with schools and its hard to anyone to searcg and get reviews for all. this is the best platform for all infornation and experiences of other parents. thanks once again.

  145. Hi,

    I am only dependent on Rajan and Puja’s site for choosing and enrolling my daughter to Nursery School in Delhi this acedamic year 2010-11.

    This is the only place where i expect I could find all the needed information at one place and this site is helping me greatly.

    I congratulate Rajan and Puja in their effort and hope my daughther gets into a Good School in session 2010-11

  146. I realised the “struggle” of gettting my kid admitted in a good school only once I got into it myself. Till then I had heard innumerable “bravery” stories of other friends/ relatives/ colleagues on how herculan this task could become.

    Once inside it myself, I realised that the only way one could sail through this challenge was to have authentic and credible information. I found a ready answer in where a common platform served as an excellent information provider. The website helped me gain useful insights from what other parents went through, how to avoid common mistakes as well as constant alerts that kept me on my toes.

    The struggle ended with my kid getting admission in the school I desired. Had it not been inputs from, I would have surely not been able to achieve this!!

    Thanks and wishing the very best to

  147. This site was a great help to me and my wife in choosing and enrolling our son to Nursery School at Faridabad.

    No where i could find all the needed information at one place and this site helped me greatly.

    I shall congratulate Rajan and Puja in their effort.

  148. Hello,

    This website is proof that you can overcome your problems and help in spreading information – even if its a humble beginning from efforts at home. This is an amazing initiative by parents, Puja & Rajan who faced similar admission problems and decided to make it simpler for other parents.

    I am falling short of words to describe how thankful I am to this service. Currently undergoing the admission process for my only son, its a boon and a treasure of information that I get from their platform.

    Wish you the best in life & keep it up!

    Sheetal Chauhan

  149. Who can believe that this entire community is being run by a husband/wife team only for the past two year.

    I have been part of since recently only and it has helped me so much. I can’t imagine what all tensions I and thousands of parents in Delhi and NCR would have gone through if Rajan and Puja had not started this wonderful website.

    Moreover, it is a completely free service for all parents.

    I wish them all the best and hope that they get all the support that they deserve.

    I seriously believe that this can be one of the biggest online initiative in the times to come.

    I spend around 1-2 hours daily on this site currently and wish them all the best.

    They have also launched the Free SMS Alerts for Nursery Admissions, which is for the first time anyone has done that in India and it is helping a lot.

    We must all come forward and support them.

    Sorry, I got to know late about this challenge else I would have asked all my friends and relatives to support and vote for you.


  150. Hi,

    I have been received tremendous help from Puja and Rajan through their site.I wish them the very best!!


  151. Hi
    I have been one of the many lucky parents last year, to have joined the site “Lucky” since I didn’t have to run around to schools, nor keep trying to call schools (and get dissappointed when the call was not recd)during the so-called “Admission” process for my daughter. I got all the news regd. every school, on this very site!!
    This site has created a wonderful community for parents, where we’ve been sharing our experiences, right from the time of admissions, till date.

    I still remember, how eagerly, every morning, I’d wait for an email from the site, regd. any possible new breakthrough in the admission process in many of the schools in noida.
    Puja & Ranjan have done a commendable job by creating such a wonderful helpul tool for us parents, we have a platform where we can share our views.

    I vote for them and wish them all the very best for all their future endeavours!!

    Seema Gupta

  152. I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks to Puja and Rajan for providing a admirable platform. Parents, like us, have a sense of relief and appreciation that we are not left out from the admission process.

    Renu & Piyush

  153. Puja and Rajan have done a commendable job. Their efforts have put so many restless parents, like me, to ease. I am confident that I will not miss any important information this year for my son’s admissions. That is a great assurance. One who has gone through and one who is going through can understand. They pay special attention to each parent. That is too much to expect. I remember when i had a query and I had posted my comments on their site. Rajan personally called me up to answer my query. There are so many parents on this network… how can one possibly do this? Thanks again.

    Puja and Rajan genuienly deserve this award.

  154. Hi,
    I was greatly impressed by this site and the way it has been kept alive and kicking by its founders as well as its members. It was an excellent initiative by Pooja and Rajan and has helped parents in keeping abreast of the latest information on admissions.

    Kudos to you two and all the members!!! 8)

  155. Hey you guys are doing great job. Its good to know that their site is growing day by day.
    The best thing is that they faced the problem and came up with a effective solution by providing useful info and experiences of admissions for various schools. It prooved to be of great help to me 1 yeas back.
    Hats off to you….keep up the good work

  156. I go all out to first congratulate Rajan and Puja for the nomination and then to express my appreciation for the commendable job done by them in the form of Without profit and money in mind, the way they initiated and ran the venture for a cause and community service goes a long way without expression in words. Especially the grace and professionalism they have demonstrated in handling a huge number of members, some of them being rouge, is awsome.

    Like me, there are thousands of parents who have been benefited by the site and would be willing to vouch for the couple.

  157. Very nice site. I visit it regularly these days when I am trying to get admission for my son. Not successful yet but this site is keeping me going.

  158. Way back in 2008, I was looking for a good school to get my kid enrolled in.

    However, due to time restraint and hectic business schedule, was unable to find the right medium to search & connect with educational institutions.

    Then I met Puja & Rajan from

    They not only helped me in suggesting good schools & helped me understanding the modus operandi of school admission, but also, took complete charge of my school hunt, thus providing me a huge relief!

    We need more people like Puja & Rajan in our society.

    I highly recommend to all parents!

  159. I am a business manager and entrepreneur in Canada and had both a business and personal relations with Raj for a couple of years.

    When Raj learned I was about to be a father for the first time, he shared his own family experiences with me and introduced me to the site Puja and he had built. I remember seeing the first news story about the new site and I can remember his excitement for the service the site was offering to families. I was very impressed, this nomination is no surprise.

    I truly believe Raj is a true entrepreneur. It’s great to see that the business has been a success, Even better to see that their goal of helping parents and students has stayed true.

    Congratulations on your success, and your continued support of each others goals.

  160. Firstly I must Thank Puja and Rajan for this wonderful effort.
    In the present time as soon as a baby is born ,parents develop an itch in a corner of their minds for the admission of their beloved child in a good school.
    Getting your child admitted to a good reputed school is one dreadful experience as there is no organised method and neither is their any transparency in the system of admissions .
    But the it is now due to the things seem a lot better.
    They have established a community of parents where the information shared by one parent is extremely helpful to many other parents.

    This website is a Blessing in disguise for the parents and I would say that this is one of the best effort in regards to the entrepreneurship .

    I would wind it up saying — Great Going Rajan and Puja , thanks a ton for your effort.

    All The Best

  161. I am an entrepreneur in the U.S. and have known Raj for many years. I remember a couple years ago when he told me about the idea for this site. When he showed me his nomination for this most prestigious award today, I was very impressed.

    Raj is an entrepreneur in every sense of the word. It’s great to see that not only has he built a tremendous business, him and Puja are helping parents and students each and every day. Very commendable. A big congratulations from the other side of the world!

  162. It was in the year 2008 when I was jostling to find a berth for my son in a decent school in New Delhi. I was struggling to make the two ends meet, as dates and norms kept changing on a daily basis. I almost went black thinking about missing admission dates.

    Then came (NA), through a word of mouth. I immediately logged on to it and registered. Then I went through the profile of young entreprenuers; namely, Mr. Rajan Arora and Mrs. Puja Arora. I learned about the horror time they experienced during the child’s admisson. That was the time when the vowed to help the parents in all aspects from the next admission sessions onwards and that’s how NA was born.

    On my end, I tried my best to keep the parents abreast with the latest admission dates of Delhi schools. It helped me personally as well, as I too was the one standing in the queue of desperate parents. The endeavor of Puja and Rajan spurred me on and i became a regular at the site, receiving and delivering updates on a daily basis. Thanks to NA, I was able to apply in most of the schools and secure seats in a couple of them, after which I had the liberty to decide which school my son should go to.

    To conclude, I would say that Puja and Rajan deserve a round of applause for what they are doing, with their regular career and social life at stake, all for a noble cause: To ease out parents’ agony and to provide a decent school for each and every kid in New Delhi. I wish them all the best!

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