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What can make a presentation more effective? Sunny Arora has the answer in his venture Broadcast2world where a video takes the place of other presentation mediums. He is a graduate from NIFT Delhi who started his own multimedia company and went on to focus on Online Digital Marketing. His business idea has found acceptance and many takers since its inception in 2009 with ibibo, IndiaMart, MagicBid and SnapDeal among Broadcast2world’s clients.

YourStory interviewed Sunny Arora to get his take on Video Marketing and its future in India.

What online business idea is Broadcast2world based on?

We’re Broadcast2world, an online digital production company.  Kind of like your cool, old next-door neighbor, here to help deliver your message to the world and make you king of the playground.

We’ll pick your brain and find out who you’re trying to reach?  Where you want to reach them and what you want to tell them.Then we’ll come up with a killer concept, map it out on a storyboard and create a video that will engage your customers and promote your brand.

Tell us how Broadcast2world came to be?

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We started on the 27th of Nov 2009 and I had just quit my job and was very keen on getting into something in design and animation. I had been doing a lot of freelancing with graphics and programming. As such I am a NIFT Delhi pass out.


We started as a multimedia company, but I realized in a few months that video marketing was becoming a buzz word particularly in the international space. Everybody was converting their ppt into a video. Also surveys suggested that in the next 5 yrs the Indian market too would generate a good demand for web directors and video production houses. I was very convinced that I should focus on online videos. We focused on becoming an online digital production house catering only to a story based video. An “explanatory” to a brand or service online.

How did you develop the market and clientele for Broadcast2world?

We did some samples and started promoting our videos and started generating clients. We got associates in the U.S who wanted to outsource such work. They were happy with our quality. That is how we built our international clientele. After that we started to focus on the Indian market. Most of our clients have come based on our work.

We are working with ibibo, IndiaMart, MagicBid, SnapDeal a total of 150 clients abroad and 10 in the domestic market.

What kind of market exists in India for your concepts?

We had a meeting with Ibibo and they were not using videos, if an online company such as them were not using such a concept, a lot of other companies should also be on the verge of doing it. This is just a start, marketing is important for every company, compared with print and television commercials online video marketing is a lot cheaper. The need for video marketing will grow.

What are the Challenges that your niche has thrown at you?

The major challenge is around resources as the service is niche and we do not get trained resources. The skill that we are looking for is not present, even students coming from the multi media institutes are not ready for such services. A lot of production houses do not make a 1 min motion graphic video, hence we have to identify people with the right skills and train them. Visual communication has to be strong; each frame should be in accordance with the brand being promoted.  Creativity and detailing are a must.


Also people are not used to watching a motion graphic and hence it has to be engaging and be able to deliver the  right message in 60 secs. Every company wants a unique style.

How are you different from your peers?

We have associates, script writers, voice over artists all over the world, so we are able to design videos as per the target audience. We also do videos in different languages.

Where did you get the capital to start Broadcast2world?

We are self funded. We grew organically by putting profits back into the business. Now we are overwhelmed with work and are looking for venture capitalists. But I have to be honest that we haven’t come up with an entirely new business idea, instead we have revamped the way the service is delivered, so it will be a challenge to attract them though we are hopeful.

What do you foresee for Broadcast2world  on the Road ahead?

I feel that videos will be used for everything in the future, articles books being converted into a motion graphic video. I see it being segmented further into one line of business focusing on large projects converting books into videos and the other on smaller  1 minute teasers. The information will flow in the form of videos.

What are your targets for 2011?

To expand the team from 20 to 50 people and venture into the European Market. We are looking forward to attracting more domestic clients, we are showcasing our work in summits across India to increase our reach. We will continue with our work in the international space.

YourStory wishes Sunny Arora success and riches in his endeavor at bringing Video Marketing and other business ideas into the market. To learn more about his work visit

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