Founder2be, find a Co-Founder or Just Join a Startup,best of all Startup on your Own

Founder 2beHow many times have you been excited about an idea for an excellent business but have not known where to begin and how to really start up? How many times has it happened that months or years later you have seen your idea being realized by someone else? We all had these moments. Well, no more!

Today we at YourStory, are happy to announce our association with Founder2be, the fast-growing match making service for prospective entrepreneurs looking for co-founders.

Launched only a few weeks ago, it already connects hundreds of people looking to start or join startups. It enables co-founders to connect 24h/ day and 365 days/year and gives everyone the opportunity to start or join a startup at an early stage.

Whether you have an idea of your own and you are looking for a team, or you are looking to join someone who already has an idea, Founder2be is the place to get started. Oliver Bremer, founder of Founder2be, says “No one knows everything and everyone knows Something”. By helping people find the right co-founders, it is possible for anyone to assemble a team with the skills to take your ideas from thought to implementation.

Founder2be allows you to remain anonymous if you wish to. For example, if you don’t want your current employer to know what you are considering a startup career. You choose if and when to reveal your identity and to who. You can share ideas, comment on them, rate them, etc. to attract the interest of potential co-founders.

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With the Global Alliance Program, Founder2be involves existing organizations and their already ongoing activities and support for innovation and entrepreneurship in the process. Founder2be provides its budding entrepreneurs and startups with access to these organizations and resources they provide, for example, space to work, mentoring, coaching, training, access to investment, etc.

We at YourStory have decided to join the Founder2be Global Alliance Program to support entrepreneurs in founding innovative companies. We want to help our readers find others who share their passion and are willing to explore business opportunities together. We will bring to you the news and information from across the world about what is happening in the entrepreneurial space and how you are starting your start-ups by finding co-founders at Founder2be.

To get a free premium account at Founder2be, please register and complete your profile at

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