Macroglossa reaches Alpha version 4.0: A picture search engine

Knock UsA picture is worth a thousand words but there are times when you take a picture and you haven’t got a single word for them; a picture of something you couldn’t identify. Many have been trying to mull over this problem and come up with a solution. There have been few attempts and a fewer have managed to get really popular. Macroglassa, coming from an Italian Group, is one such search engine which is based on the comparison of images. All you need to do to get more information about your picture is to upload the image file to Macroglossa and begin the search.

MacroGlossa has evolved and has reached Alpha version 4.0.

So, what is new with the version 4.0? Here is a list of the updates:

1) A new search category: BOTANICAL ( flowers and plants )

2) Video frame mode search

3) Image reverse geotag

4) Camera model results filter

5) Faster Core processes

6) Available Safari web browser extension

7) Improved Mobile apps (IOS and Android based )

The differentiator:

Visual search competitors act as Reverse image search only. On the contrary, Macroglossa is focused on the user uploaded image to find similar pictures. Macroglossa uses a real digital eye as no OCR tool or vocabulary tree is used.

The constraint:

The search results are still not accurate enough and are time consuming. This is something the group has been working on and the major reason for this shortcoming is, “computing space”. There are numerous calculations involved and Macroglassa needs more servers, more CPU’s.

A service of this sort is the need of the hour and if Macroglossa can overcome the hurdles in its path, it might turn out to be what the masses need.

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