Steve Jobs: The Entrepreneur

Steve Jobs
I think of this every day
And look for it every which way
To create something new
Which could exist no one knew

To take the leap
Away from the heap
Change the world
With a small word

I talk a lot
But can I walk the talk
Is it in me to change
When me it is to exchange

Where an idea can have power
But can also take me lower
How can I lose the way
If I refuse to even play

Universe will help I believe
All that I set out to achieve
So decided I have to go all in
Even if it leads to my fallin

Of all that I have inspired me
You will be forever special, Steve

Brijdeep Singh Bhasin, Boost Tech

Brij Bhasin

Brij Bhasin

Brij has somehow managed to live most of his life in either one of the hottest (Nagpur, India) or the coldest (Minnesota, USA) place in world before finally landing up in Bangalore. Software geek by training and a product startup guy by choice, he has loved working on early stage ideas, sculpting them to finished products and taking them to market over the past 10 years. While he never thought he would end up on the other side of the table, he is currently having a ball helping startups at the GSF Accelerator. He likes reading and recently devoured the entire Game of Thrones series books, but also has a special corner for non-fiction. Follow his tweets @brijbhasin