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ShepHertz Technologies Pvt. Ltd., founded in 2010, is a technology startup focusing on product development and services in the area of PaaS (Platform as a Service), Cloud Computing and SaaS (Software as a Service). They use technologies with an aim to build world-class products and services for the global market. They also have multiple product offerings based on their underlying ‘App42’ platform, which allows developers to develop, deploy, manage and sell their Mobile, Web, Social and SaaS Applications for all popular devices, technologies and platforms.

“To take an analogy, we are like a Shopping Mall and App developers are shop owners. A mall not only provides real estate, but also provides administration, fixtures, security, power, common services etc. and footfall to the shop owners, which helps them run their shop efficiently, cost effectively, get customers and eventually earn more revenue vis-à-vis having their own boutique shop. The App42 PaaS platform provides similar services to the App developers,” says Founder, Siddhartha Chandurkar.

He claims that their App42 platform provides a complete ecosystem to develop, deploy and run applications on the Cloud. These applications could be Mobile, Web, TV, SaaS or Enterprise applications for any popular device and using diverse technologies and platforms. A full-blown mobile, Web, SaaS, TV, or enterprise application equipped with cutting-edge server side functionality is now possible within a few clicks and with almost no effort with App42.

ShepHertz’s vision is to make App developers successful. All their products focus on making an App developer’s life easy by helping them make applications of varying complexity; assisting them in developing applications, ranging from a very simple to a complex App in as short a span of time as possible and in a reliable and robust manner. App42 is a Unified PaaS platform for Mobile, Web and Social applications.

Currently, they have created over 180 Cloud APIs with SDKs for all popular platforms and languages, and very soon we will be providing a deployment and execution environment for custom server side code using their Shared Cloud and Dedicated Cloud Containers. Complete server side complexities are taken care by them, allowing the App developer to focus on the UI and on their business functionality.

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Whether you are an iOS, Android or HTML5 App developer or you develop SaaS, Social and Enterprise Applications using popular languages like Java, Groovy, PHP, Ruby or python, ShepHertz’s APIs will provide technical as well as business services which they believe, can be used out of the box with minimal configuration and integration code.

Business and Revenue Model:

ShepHertz plans to reach out to developers through Digital and Social Media marketing. Since they are providing an ecosystem to developers, they will be doing a lot of developer evangelism through developer conferences, forums and various online mediums. Currently, all their products are free. In the next three months, they will start charging, but there will always be an option for App developers to have a free account with free basic services, which allow them to develop an application without paying anything. They will be charging their services on subscription and usage based models and will also be focusing on appliance and license based selling of their App42 PaaS platform to Enterprises, ISVs and IaaS/DataCenters.

Currently, they have kept the lights on by doing both a license sale of their components and also generating revenue through services. The types of companies, which have or would be interested in buying the App42 platform on license, are IaaS, DataCenters, Telecom Service Providers, SaaS ISVs and even enterprises for their private cloud.

ShepHertz aims to be in the top 3 PaaS providers globally. “We aspire to be the ‘platform of choice’ for every developer or company. We want to participate and make an impact on how Apps of the future will be developed globally. First priority on our agenda is to have our presence in the Valley. Post that, we will expand to Europe and then APAC. In parallel, we also want to launch our other services i.e. App42 Shared Cloud and Dedicated Cloud Container,” Siddhartha says.

Founder Background and Inception:

Siddhartha P. Chandurkar founded ShepHertz. He has constructed, developed and consulted on multiple products in the Telecom, ISV, SaaS and PaaS space for customers all over the world (US, Europe, Japan, China etc.) for more than 14 years. Before starting this venture, he worked for Ericsson and Wipro Technologies in various roles and also worked as a Consultant for multiple Tier 1 & 2 global organizations
He realised that there were many players solving one problem and leaving the others for developers to deal with. So, Siddhartha decided to take an ecosystem and unified approach where App developers could come to a one-stop shop for developing, deploying and monitoring their Apps irrespective of the technology, platform or device for which they are made. He also spent a lot of time in talking with developers about their pain points and browsed the net to find out what problems App developers are struggling with and how they can minimize them.

A group of 25 highly energized entrepreneurs, the ShepHertz team has been bootstrapping through personal funds and service work since their inception. Now that they have launched their App42 Product line, they are actively looking for funding to scale and take this to the next level.

Since App42 PaaS is a very extensive and comprehensive platform, they have different competitors for different aspects of the Platform. Competitors for their App42 Cloud APIs are StackMob, Parse, Kevin and CocoaFish. On the shared and dedicated container (Soon to be launched), they have very big competitors like the Google App Engine, Micorsoft Azure, Heroku, EngineYard, AppFog etc.

“Our ecosystem approach with our Unified PaaS offering, which is technology and device agnostic, plus our focus on providing business services along with technical services, gives Shephertz a definitive edge over our competitors,” Siddhartha concludes.

To find out more about ShepHertz, visit http://apps.shephertz.com/

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