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The other day, I dropped my phone for the gazillionth time and picked it up guiltily thinking, “I have to get a case!” A quick google search wielded a lot of results but it was one of the few occasions when I wasn’t totally satisfied with the results. Maybe this is what led Jeetu Gursingh to come up with StuffCool, a site dedicated to buying gadget accessories online. I got in touch with Jeetu to learn more about the offering.

Based out of Mumbai, Jeetu has had an offline experience of selling accessories for more than five years but the online activities had pretty much been dormant. Launching today, StuffCool has an aggressive expansion plan. “The gadget segment is on a “J” curve growth, with increasing disposable incomes with Indian consumers and has a 1:3 ratio meaning that one gadget on average requires three accessories.” says Jeetu about the booming market.


The Range:

As of today, StuffCool has 1352 products on the site with more additions that would be made regularly. “We have accessories catering to wide range of products.” informs Jeetu. One can find accessories for mobiles, laptops, cameras and gaming equipment. The price band is also wide where consumers from across spectrum could find something of value. Starting with a basic Capdase Aux Cable at Rs. 299, the price goes up to Rs4999 for the high end Military grade iPad 2 Case, “The Griffin Survivor”.

The brands on offer:

  • Griffin
  • Capdase
  • Golla
  • DC Accessories

The marketing model for StuffCool is fortified with Reward Points along with the usual but the very necessary ads, SEO, mailers and social media.

Accessorize your gadgets at StuffCool. With ever growing dependence on gadgets, the accessory space can only grow from here. MyDressMyStyle, which deals with only mobile skins can be looked at as an example. 

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