Music Steaming Service Dhingana Surpasses 10.5 MillionMonthlyActive Visitors [Infographic]

Dhingana, the Indian music streaming market today announced that it has surpassed 10.5 million monthly active visitors. The company also released a set of usage statistics that provide an idea of increasing penetration of music streaming into the lives of Indian Internet users; on their PC’s and laptops as well as mobile devices.

Some key Points:

·       Over 60% web traffic from India. Dhingana receives over 4.5 million monthly active visitors from its mobile apps.

·       Dhingana mobile apps are downloaded close to 10,000 times each day.

·       Almost 100 Million minutes of music served every month.

·       Of total Android traffic, Dhingana receives 68% Android traffic from India.

·       Of total Nokia traffic, Dhingana receives 98% traffic from India.

·       Of total BlackBerry traffic, Dhingana receives 50% traffic from India.

·       Of total iPhone traffic, Dhingana receives 30% traffic from India.

Talking about music, here is a post on the State Of Music in the Internet.

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