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DropmyemailIn a recent post on YourStory, we told you about Dropmyemail.com, a Cloud-to-Cloud email backup solution, signing up 500k Users in just 50 days of launch at a faster user adoption rate than Dropbox and Pinterest. We couldn’t help but wonder, will this be the next Big startup success story? To delve deeper, we caught up with John Fearon, Founder & CEO of the Singapore based startup Dropmysite, who tells us more about the venture and their plan for the future.

Hi John, briefly tell us about yourself?

In a simple sentence, I am a long time entrepreneur who found an affinity with the Internet. I have been involved with Internet businesses since 2003 and have worked at AsiaRooms and HSBC. I have a burning ambition to solve problems and overcome obstacles as well as challenge myself.

How did you get this idea to start Dropmyemail.com?

Our business started out as another venture (EatAds.com) that had a hosting failure, and we lost all our data. It was a hard lesson learned, and that sparked the idea for Dropmysite.com to backup websites. From there, we started getting requests to backup emails, and so, Dropmyemail.com was born on 1st March, 2012.

How has the traction been so far?

We now have over 600K signups since our launch of Dropmyemail.com from around the world. We began offering the freemium service on 1st March, 2012 and within days we saw great traction in new user adoption and the coveted hockey stick growth kicked in, the company has been adding close to 15,000 new users per day since then. India is a very big market for us with around 20% of our users coming from India.

John Fearon, Founder & CEO, Dropmyemail
John Fearon, Founder & CEO, Dropmyemail

Simplicity – Signing on is a simple two-step process: 1) Users register at Dropmyemail.com using Facebook, Twitter, or Google sign-in, or by creating an account; 2) they enter their email account details.

Auto-backup -The emails will be automatically backed up every 24 hours, so users need not worry about starting or monitoring back-up cycles.

Privacy and Security – Dropmyemail.com has no access to the stored data, while ensuring the highest standards of security, working with Amazon Web Services.

Flexibility – The service also offers a migration service that lets you migrate your emails from one email provider to another.

Tell us about the back-end technology and team behind Dropmyemail

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We host our services on AWS. Our back-end is built on Ruby on Rails. We are now up to 13 team members and growing fast. We are hiring developers in Singapore at the moment. We are not currently hiring in India, but this could change. As mentioned earlier – India is a very big market for us with around 20% of our users coming from India. We are opening an office in Mumbai soon and plan to do some interesting partnerships.

We also plan to launch a merged email account that will have web and mobile app features within the next couple of months.

Check-out the video of John pitching Dropmyemail at the DEMO Asia 2012. They were also chosen as one of the DEMO Gurus of DEMO Asia 2012 

YourStory.in wishes John and Dropmyemail the very best for their future.

To back-up your emails and try-out Dropmyemail, visit their site – https://www.dropmyemail.com/

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