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easy_lawEasyLaw is an online legal and business services portal with an aim to provide timely legal, procedural information and professionally drafted and executed legal documents at affordable prices. “All our services can be accessed through our website in an affordable and transparent manner,” says Dhruv Jain, the director of

Starting Up

The idea of providing Legal Services struck Dhruv in early 2011. “Initially we wanted to provide legal plans to employees of different companies. These plans let employees have access to basic legal documents and advice.” Post this and numerous twists and turns later easylaw is what it is today.

Another reason to startup this venture is the current state of the Indian Judicial system. “The judicial system is slow and the legal services market is highly fragmented with a lack of large law firms due to regulations. This means that often people have to spend significant time and effort to understand costs associated with getting legal advice and  legal documents executed.“ adds Dhruv.

The team is led by its two founders – Dhruv Jain and Ridhish Talwar, who’ve both worked in the financial services industry in London. “Tariq Kamal, with 6+ years of experience in the field of contract drafting and management, is heading the legal services and Saurabh Kumar who is a qualified Company Secretary is heading the business services. Our total team size is currently 8,” Dhruv informs.

Popular Services

  • Company incorporation is our most popular service and this is aimed at assisting young entrepreneurs.
  • We also do document drafting which is drafting of legal and business service documents. The idea here is that if clients can make sense of quotes then they feel more comfortable ordering for legal docs.

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  • Besides these two, we also provide Marriage Registration services, although this currently only provided in Delhi.

The procedure to avail their services is simple. The client, upon visiting the site, is provided with access to legal/business information, forms and procedures allowing him/her to make an informed decision.

Certain questionnaire and forms are then made available to the client to collect relevant information for execution of the easylaw services.

”Once we have the relevant information, a domain expert (legal/secretarial/etc) is assigned who executed the order as required,” adds Dhruv.

Revenue model and marketing

The revenue model is based on the pricing policy for legal and business services that are provided. “We charge our clients for these services on a per order basis, but would like to add that as far as possible, we include all fees, govt. duties etc. in our prices so that the client knows exactly what they need to pay at the very beginning,” Dhruv says.

We marketing our services the in the usual ways start-ups do, i.e. via SEO, pay per click, social media and word of mouth.” Even though the site was launched in Jan 2012 there has been an encouraging growth and currently, it generates about 300 new visitors a day.

Obstacles Faced

As the sector is a fairly complex and high risk one, Dhruv is asked about the legal qualifications of the founders or the years of experience of his team. Dhruv clarifies, “ is not intended to provide complex legal solutions to high net worth individuals or multi-national companies. We wish to provide legal services to individuals and small businesses that currently do not have easy access to affordable and quality legal services. In fact, we are entrepreneurs ourselves and feel we better understand the needs of our target clientele.

Additionally, as with any startup the biggest challenge is getting the word about your service offering out to people who are looking for them. Fortunately, due to the increase in internet penetration this challenge has been softened a bit, as many clients are able to locate us online, but there still remains a large section of the population that could benefit from our services whom we would like to reach out to,” says Dhruv.

Give them a look-in here.

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