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With an aim to create an inclusive society by educating people about the differently-abled in the society ACE an acronym for Art, Culture and Entertainment works for a social cause. They strongly believe that this form of education will definitely impact our society in a positive way.

India’s first unique experiential exhibition tour, Dialogue in the Dark was introduced here by SV Krishnan and Sudha Krishnan, and since then it has been creating waves with about 50,000 visitors in 16 months after its opening in Hyderabad. Dialogue is an extremely innovative and powerful medium of exploring the unseen. With an overwhelming response from visitors and their encouraging feedback, Dialogue is now sensitizing the Indian audience just as much it did the International audience, across 110 cities and 30 countries worldwide.

Dialogue In the Dark covers these 3 experiences:

Exhibition Tour

Dialogue in the Dark Exhibition Tour is a 45 min journey in complete darkness!

In Dialogue in the Dark exhibitions, visitors are led by visually impaired guides through a series of specially constructed and totally darkened galleries, where sound, temperature, wind and texture convey daily environments. In the dark, ordinary routines become extraordinary experiences.

At the exhibition tour, one experiences a walk in a park/jungle, crossing a shaking bridge, shopping in a supermarket, playing cricket, going for a boat ride and grabbing a bite in a cafeteria, all in complete darkness.

A reversal of roles is created: sighted people are torn out of their familiar ways, losing the sense they rely on most – their sight; visually impaired people are guides, providing security and orientation while transmitting a world without pictures. Within this new paradigm, guides open the visitors’ eyes to show them that the world of the blind, the world of the “other”, is in no way poorer – just different.

Taste of Darkness

Taste of Darkness is a 45min gastronomical experience in complete darkness!

For gourmets, Taste of Darkness is a one-of-a-kind treat. To create a culinary journey that challenges your taste buds and your table manners, blind waiters serve a surprise four-course dinner in complete darkness.

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Taste of Darkness is a unique restaurant that operates in complete darkness. It’s unlike most restaurants one can come across, as there isn’t an a la carte or a buffet. A surprise 4 course meal is served on the table as per the food preference of the guest– vegetarian or non – vegetarian.

Taste of Darkness is a pre-booked restaurant and has immense popularity. Back in Hamburg, the waiting period post reservation is approximately 3 months. This has been rated as one of the top 25 unusual dining experiences by Forbes International that one must experience in their lifetime.

Dialogue Business Workshops

Dialogue Business Workshops is an enriching learning experience!

Participants in the workshop face temporary loss of the dominant sense, vision, triggering a dramatic slowdown in their daily routines. The workshops in total darkness are testing our limits, leading to an experience that combines emotional intelligence and social skills.

Several research indicates that darkness is one of the most immersive and impactful environment for learning and encounter. Dialogue Business Workshops are based on the fact that experiences without visual appearances can convey fundamental discoveries about communication and team processes.

The development of strategies to solve a problem or task in the dark strengthens a team’s coherence, communication and effectiveness. Darkness negates the possibilities of spectating and ensures active participation thereby providing a platform for 100% knowing doing and being.

Currently, 16 blind people are working on a full time basis with Dialogue in the Dark. The overall response of the customers has been amazing and people have carried back wonderful and lasting memories of Dialogue in the Dark. Each and every visitor has realized the importance of their other 4 senses while also changing their perspectives towards visually impaired people.

They also carried out a Dialogue Diversity survey through which they understood that almost 80% of the visitors who were otherwise sympathetic to the visually impaired drew inspiration from them post their visit to Dialogue in the Dark.

Communicating the brand to the audience given the fact that they are a social business enterprise has been a really tough challenge. At the time of inception, most of their visitors understood Dialogue in the Dark as a charitable organization, some understood it as a darkness entertainment center, some understood it as blindness simulation, etc. This has been by and far the most challenging aspect of their business.

Excited? Go for a Dialogue in the Dark!

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