Become an Entrepreneur and Play the Startup Life through Startup The Game

If running in temple ruins or hurling birds at pigs is not your thing, here is a game that is designed for entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts. Startup The Game is an iOS gaming app that has gamified the ups and downs of startup life. It is a runner-style game with graffiti style and Dubstep music that maps the stages of a startup to the levels in the game. The objective of the game is to capture as many positive startup lessons while avoiding startup issues. Positive lessons include: Research, Good Press, Users, and Venture Capital. StartUp issues include: Bugs, Bad Press and Competition.

Think this is just another game for killing time? There’s more to this game than meets the eye. The underlying goal of the game is to help real-world startups acquire visibility and traction through in-game branding and social media exposure. At the end of each game, a player can donate their points to a real startup. If you do not see your favorite startup at the end of the game “Tap” the Add New Startup button and enter your favorite StartUps Twitter name,the system will automatically fetch the logo and URL.

If the startup gets enough points to be in the top 25 it will show up at the end of the game.If the startup makes it into the top 10, the startup also gets the extra bonus of being part of the startup rotation that shows up on level 3 in the game.Tapping a top 10 startup while playing the game opens a browser and navigates the user to the startup URL. Click here to visit Startup The Game website and download the iOS app.

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