4 Tips to Write Good Marketing Communication

Why are ‘You’ the most important thing for a startup? When I say You, I don’t mean you as an  entrepreneur or employee of startup. I mean you as a customer. For any startup, it is the customer who really matters and most of all communicating the right message at the right time to your customer really matters. Here are 4 tips to write a marketing communication to your customer:


The most important thing required to write a great marketing communication is listening skills. You must never write about what you want to sell. It is always better to write about what your customer wants rather than what you want to sell. Listening is a skill that will definitely help you understand your customer needs better to communicate to them about your product or service.

Give them a Good Reason

Give your potential a good reason to contact you. Connect with them on a level that goes beyond just your product or service.  Communicate in a way that makes them remember you even after they have closed your email or their Facebook/Twitter account or even the newspaper. Give them a reason to remember you. Why should they come to you for your service or product? Don’t tell them you are cheap. Price is not always a deciding factor. Once you listen to them, you can give them a good enough reason to remember you by.

Will you respond to your communication?

Does that question make any sense? Will you respond to your own communication material? Be it a mailer, tweet, Facebook post or ad, will you respond to your own communication? Never give your customers something that you won’t take. You might find yourself very disappointed with the result. Give them a communication that you would click on, read and most of all, respond to.

Clear Call to Action

Be clear about what you want the readers do after they read your piece. If needed, give them step by instructions. But don’t give them anything complicated to do. Make it as simple as a click.

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Brindaa Lakshmi K

Brindaa Lakshmi K

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