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In today’s fast-paced society, most of us are in a mad rush for something or the other… be it money, fame, power or anything else. We feel that only after having all that we want, will we be Happy. And in the process, we de-prioritize our health (stress and lifestyle diseases are on the rise) and our relationships. We hardly take out time for ourselves and those close to us. But ironically, little do we realize that in this mad rush, real Happiness, the thing that we are most after, is eluding us even more!

Revelri is a startup that firmly believes that Happiness is a state of mind, and it comes from within, regardless of the circumstances we are in. It is only when we are Happy, can we spread Happiness amongst those around us. “So we thought it would be a great idea to create a practical solution to help people realize that being Happy is a conscious choice. And that Happiness is not a destination that we reach some day. It is there available to us in every step of our way,” says Abhishek Agarwal, Founder, Revelri.

Abhishek has been in the Internet marketing arena for almost a decade. He started his online career with (now during the early days of the Indian ecommerce space. Later on he moved towards creating niche websites and affiliate marketing. He has been working on Revelri for the past 2 years and has kept the entire aura around the concept exciting, fun and challenging. “Revelri is very close to my heart because I am a staunch believer in the Law of Attraction, the power of our thoughts, and the importance of feeling good,” says Abhishek.

Revelri is an innovative concept where members (called Revelers) are provided with simple, personalized, fun Happiness Activities that are designed to slow them down, and to make them feel good in the little things in life.

The keyword here is “personalized”. So, if you are married male, you will get activities that involve your wife. For example, “Today, spend some time with Roopa talking about her dreams”, or “Give an I Love You card to Roopa, even if there is no special occasion today”. But if you are not married, you will not get activities that involve a spouse, because you don’t have one! Similarly, if you have a dog or a cat as a pet, you might be asked to take your pet for a walk. But if you have an aquarium of fish, you will not get an activity that asks you to take your fish for a walk!

These simple Activities might seem insignificant in themselves, but doing them consistently can help you slow down, and leave a profound positive impact on ALL areas of your life!

Doing these Activities consistently, can help you:
•           Improve your relationships with your spouse,
•           Strengthen your bond with your parents,
•           Become a better father or mother to your kids,
•           Grow spiritually
•           Improve your relationship with yourself
•           Improve your health.
•           Improve your life at work.

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•           Be more in harmony with the environment around you.
•           Start attracting more joy and Happiness every day.
•           Do your part in making this a better world!

Since these Activities are personalized, they are tailored according to the user’s lifestyle.

All this happens in a fun and interactive way, where the Revelers receive Joy Points in performing the Activities, and they move up different Cloud levels. These points can be redeemed for other features on the site.

Revelri is an interactive site with many more features. There is a powerful distance healing platform called Synergy, where you can pray for and send healing energy to those in need. Synergy is unique, and taps into the immense power of the positive vibration of the entire Revelri community. The Gratitude and WishTree modules serve as online Gratitude and Dream journals. The image board is called Graffiti and it allows users to share positive images and quotes. The entire site is designed in such a way that the more the Revelers use the site, the more Joy points they earn.

Revelri helps connect Happy, excited people to spread cheer and joy all around. Revelers encourage and uplift each other, have fun and build a strong community of wonderful like-minded people. But more than anything else, Revelri helps them take life less seriously, have more fun, and lead Happier and more meaningful lives.

In short, Revelri will help each one of us become better human beings. It can help us work on ourselves. And when we improve, everything else improves. The seed of change needs to come from within us.

Looking for true happiness? Try Revelri!

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