4 Must Read Books For Entrepreneurs; From the Archives

Books have enthralled one and all from ages and when it comes to entrepreneurs, “The Lean Startup” has been on the lips of everyone. A philosophy adopted by millions, it has become a way of existence for startups. But before this, there were multiple other great books written which still have lessons that are highly relevant. Here, we dig out four such books from the archives and give a review.

1) Cloning Silicon Valley

What are the ingredients that have made California’s Silicon Valley so successful as a technology cluster with national and global impact? What other countries have such tech hotspots, and how do they compare to Silicon Valley? What collective role can industry, workforces, educators and government policymakers play in creating such hotspots in their own countries?

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2) High Tech Startup

Looking for a concise introduction and survival guide to the trials and triumphs of the high tech start up industry? Aspiring CEOs, CFOs and entrepreneurs need look no further than “High Tech Startup” by ace venture analyst John Nesheim.

14 chapters and three appendices cover a wide range of tips and case studies, with topics ranging from intellectual property right and business plan formulation to initial public offerings (IPOs) and MNC venture initiatives.

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3) The Internet Entrepreneurs

Looking for a book for start-ups which covers some of the lessons learned and ground covered by leading Internet entrepreneurs over the short but tumultuous history of the Net? Try Christopher Price’s slender but informative collection of business biographies, “The Internet Entrepreneurs.”

Christopher Price, editor of financial news site, was formerly the infotech correspondent at the Financial Times newspaper of London.

12 chapters cover the trials, tribulations and gleaned wisdom of entrepreneurs Jerry Yang (Yahoo), Bob Davis (Lycos), Jay Walker (Priceline), Jim Barksdale (Netscape), Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Christos Cotsakos (E*Trade), David Hayden (Critical Path), Steve Kirsh (Infoseek), Rod Schrock (Altavista), Joe Kraus (Excite), Pierre Omidyar (eBay), and iVillage’s Candice Carpenter and Nancy Evans.

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Drawing on a wealth of case studies and industry trend analysis, “” is a useful and informative guide to the process of starting up a business on the Internet. While other start-up classics like John Nesheim’s “High-tech Start-up” deal with the infotech industry in general, “” focuses exclusively on the Internet sector.

10 chapters cover Netrepreneurship issues like Internet dynamics, business plan formulation, human resources, intellectual property rights, venture capital, and risk assessment; a sample business plan of an actual financial services start-up called is included in the appendix.

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