Bangalore-based Online Kidswear Brand Unamia Raises $1.2million in Seed Round Funding from Blume Ventures and Angel Prime

Bangalore-based online kidswear brand Unamia has raised $1.2million in seed round funding from Blume Ventures and Angel Prime. The company targets the Rs 38,000 crore kidswear market by creating a world-class range of kidswear and building deep engagement with customers. Demand for kidswear is growing by 20% year over year.

Unamia is one of the new breed of vertical commerce startups that make quality products more affordable by selling only through the internet. By consolidating inventory, avoiding rental overheads and investing in the core product, these companies aim to give consumers good products for everyday prices.

Jyotsna Pattabiraman, CEO of Unamia, said, “Angel Prime and Blume Ventures can be credited with building innovative, scalable and highly profitable online businesses across India. They understand the opportunities and challenges involved in building a company. These investors have backed and beenpart of huge successes and it’s heartening that they see the potential in us.”

Karthik Reddy of Blume Ventures, comments on this association, saying “At a time when me-too e-commerce sites are running out of options, Blume believes that the e-commerce story is yet to be told. We are actively investing in companies that have differentiated capabilities, like Unamia. We are delighted to have Unamia join the Blume family”.

Shripati Acharya of AngelPrime adds a different angle, saying “Macro trends are firmly in Unamia’s favor. With a huge yet fragmented market, the kidswearindustry requires radical innovations in product development and retail. Unamia’s co-creation model may well hold the key”.

Asha Anoop, a customer from Bangalore, testifies to Unamia’s appeal.  “I am a fan of Unamia and recommend it to everyone I know. I love the soft, comfortable clothes for my daughter and I also enjoy gifting Unamia to my friends and family. ”

Unamia, founded by NIFT, IIT and Stanford graduates, aims to make world-class kidswear accessible to parents across India. “Parents, especially moms, want quality at par with international standards with pricing that is reasonable. Ironically, some of the world’s best kidswear is made in India but is not available to children here. It should be.” says founder-CEO Jyotsna Pattabiraman, a mother herself.  “Unamia co-creates with parents to give them what they want – extremely soft, safe and stylish kidswear at irresistible prices” she ends.

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