Lessons from Narendra Modi for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Narendra Modi, a name chanted by almost every Gujarati for his uncountable attributes, a person known for his benevolent nature, an advocate of Swami Vivekananda’s principles, a clever politician and also a true Gujarati businessman indeed! While you may easily foresee him to be our prime minister, what have you learned from him, a person who can be seen on the news bulletins daily! Here is the list of entrepreneurial lessons that I learnt from Narendra Modi and you can learn too:

Be Confident and do your homework!

How many times have you gone to meet people for some business deal and you have stumbled along your speech when asked questioned by the person in front of you? Next time before you go on to meet someone, listen to Mr. Modi. “Words can inspire. And words can destroy. Choose yours well”. What I mean by doing homework is do a detailed research of what you are going to say or present so that next time you go for a deal, the other person straight away signs it. When Mr. Modi confidently exclaimed “Hang me if I am guilty!” it justified that he was not and if he was, than prove it. It is his confidence that has brought him to this level.

Be Perseverant!

Most of the political parties accuse Mr. Modi to be corrupt and a dictator. What made Mr. Modi to launch his campaign for the upcoming polls in Gujarat and ask for votes again? Why 83% of people in Gujarat want him to be CM again? Let your action speak more than your words and this is what Mr. Modi has done too. Similarly, instead of boasting about your company or product, make people realize the worth themselves with your work. Many people may come in your way,  discourage you, and you may face a lot of hurdles, but remember, if you are working hard no one can stop you from succeeding.

Be Socially Involved!

Social Media plays a very crucial role in branding your company. Mr. Modi had a YouTube channel as early as 2007 when you were not even aware of this video broadcasting site. The recent Google hangout by him saw 40 lakh viewers. 70,000 tweets were generated while this hangout was in process. Most of the companies have turned to social networking sites to promote their brands. After all it offers a larger viewership and is often free.


India is a land of ‘Jugaad Innovations’ and so is Mr. Modi! He has been famous for his unpopular decisions. Don’t hesitate to present your idea thinking it to be a mere ‘Jugaad’. While people may mock your idea, just be patient to mock their thinking one day. The ‘Canal Top Solar Project’ by Gujarat government which may look ‘Jugaad’ to many now generates 1.6 million units of clean electricity, and prevents 90 lakh litres of water from evaporation every year.

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