Excellere: An Online eLearning Platform that Lets One Write Real Code for Real Projects

eLearning seems like to be the next big thing with multiple players clambering for a piece of the huge elusive market share (Global eLearning market is set to reach more than a $ 100 billion by 2015). The market in India was pegged close to $0.2 billion in 2010-11 and is bound to grow exponentially. Excellere, founded by a luminary team is one such player in the market that has been targeting corporates.

What is Excellere?

Excellere is an eLearning platform on the cloud for IT and Technology learning and skilling. Excellere uses existing infrastructure as service offerings (IaaS) of cloud service providers to develop their own on-demand Cloud based practice labs / Sandbox environments. The Excellere platform enables social learning and peer-to-peer collaboration, Active Trainer™ intervention, thus enabling individuals to connect across the globe.

Gautam Khot

The Founders: Gautam Khot and Vivek Agarwal

A 27 member strong team, Excellere has Gautam and Vivek at the helm who bring in more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry with product development and management. We got in touch with them to know more about Excellere.

What pain point are you trying to solve?

Excellere is trying to address the big industry problem of the evident skill gap in the IT sector and looking to produce more quality resources for the industry across all technical levels and across various products and technologies. Hands-on experience and collaboration is key to effective learning and productive outcomes and that’s where we believe our solution will solve a big gap in the IT and Technology sector.

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How do you source the content?

We use the best available Subject Matter Expert to help build content. Using our differentiated Instruction design and Pedagogy approach we enable an interactive and immersive learning experience in comparison to most e-learning platforms which have one-way instructional content being delivered to candidates.

Vivek Agarwal

What is the revenue model?

It is a SaaS model addressing global market. The smallest pricing unit is per candidate per course. Pretty much straight forward. There is freemium element to it also, where users can try 2 courses free before needing to pay for further courses.

How do you market Excellere?

The current model is Direct Sales to Corporates and this has been the best way as this has helped in stabilizing our platform and developing some innovative features for the wider market. The Excellere platform is now available to academic institutions and individuals. For the retail segment we have plans to kick-off online digital marketing.

Excellere has aggressive expansion plans and we at Yourstory wish them all the best.

Website: Excellere

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