[News Roundup] PayU India Strengthens its Security Measures; SocialAppsHQ Introduces Search by Location

PayU update

Whenever a customer makes a payment on the merchant website, he is redirected to the payment gateway website, where the customer has to choose a credit card type and fill-in the card and cardholder details. This process is time consuming, with a significant amount of lead-time before the customer makes the final payment. For subsequent purchases, the customer must repeat the entire process. This often results in lower conversion rates and poor customer loyalty.

Understanding the customer’s frustrations with this process and in order to make the payment process fast & smooth, PayU India took a proactive approach and launched its offering called ‘1-click checkout’, where the customer can store his credit card details. PayU wanted the best security for credit card information, so it joined forces with one of the largest information security company in the world – SafeNet, implementing hardware-based encryption using SafeNet’s DataSecure appliance that delivers the highest level of data security available in a commercial solution. This unified platform for data encryption offers key management and granular access control policies for databases and applications in hybrid environments, simplifying administration, helping ensure compliance, and maximizing security.

Implementing SafeNet’s DataSecure solution helped PayU improve customer experience to a two-step process by storing credit card details in encrypted format in the PayU database. DataSecure also met all the evaluation criteria of PayU, which include load testing and response time, failover testing, performance testing and benchmarking under  various load conditions, availability of detailed audit logs, security policies meeting PCI-DSS standard requirements, dual control using multiple administrators, and RMA commitment.

Nitin Gupta, Country Head, PayU India, elaborated, “PayU follows the most stringent security measures and ensures compliance with mandates such as PCI-DSS and the Govt. of India authorized CERT-IN empanelled auditor program and bank audits – all of which require using very strict controls around storing credit card information. SafeNetstood out for its product and support structure in India, which made us choose them over other competitors.”

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SocialAppsHQ update

SocialAppsHQ believes social media monitoring is going to be the underlying engine powering the next wave of contextual marketing tools. For context, location awareness is the key!

Search by location – Now, companies can enter a geo-coordinate and radius to find potential users in that area – you can even filter by a keyword

  1. Monitoring widget – It will enable blogs/review sites to see and measure customer reaction across the web around any keyword.
  2. Ability to listen to Google + – Marketers can now monitor data on Google+ by simply entering Google+ URL
  3. Klout rankings – To help you quickly measure influence based on your ability to drive action on social networks, SocialAppsHQ has integrated with Klout API. Now, mentions can be sorted based on Klout score so that you never miss responding to anyone important.
  4. Advocates and Influencers –Companies need to differentiate between advocates and influencers as an enthusiastic advocate may not be a known commodity according to Klout but if he/she is willing to spread the word, you should reach out to them sooner than later. SocialAppsHQ now provides a way to identify them quickly.

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