YourNextLeap Pivots- Now a Jobs Site

Pivoting is not a buzz word for no reason. A very necessary part of a startup’s lifecycle, hardly any startup has got it bang on the first time but sometimes a complete pivot is also necessary. Exemplifying this fact, YourNextLeap, a startup founded by woman entrepreneur Suruchi Wagh has pivoted from being a career recommendation engine to a Jobs site.

Having raised it’s first round of funding from Nirvana Venture Advisors, YourNextLeap existed as a web-based recommendation engine which acts as a virtual career counselor for students to make smarter career decisions. But now, they’ve pegged themselves as ‘the smartest way to find jobs’. A silent pivot, a positive side is that the name of the company still remains relevant.

At the time of investment, Rajan Mehra, Managing Director of Nirvana Venture Advisors had said, “Our investment is driven by an impressive founding team and their insightful use of social media and analytics.” How much role the investors have had behind this move remains to be seen.

We asked this question about Pivoting in the past and there have been raging debates previously wherein it has been argued that pivoting is just a euphemism for failing. Nonetheless, the jobs sector has been creating a sensation and many players have entered the arena; YourNextLeap being another addition. (Our startup job board is also an example). Let’s see what the future beholds.

Website: YourNextLeap (post shall be updated post comments from the founders)

Update from Suruchi Wagh:

We have seen a very encouraging response from Job seekers, who have been delighted by the matching Jobs our engine has recommended them. As such, we decided to focus on Jobs by leveraging our expertise in graph-based matching. The Jobs industry is a big market and we find that Job seekers and Employers can be provided with a better solution than what exists in the market at this time.

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