Mayank Jain Converts His Obsession with Social Media into a Profession; Starts Up SocialBuzzar

Marketing scenario in India has always been a consumer based concept where companies have tried to manifest people’s emotions and the events of national importance in their campaigns. Digital marketing is different. It is more based on the platform and its ever changing interface. The moment people try to get used to the new layout on a social network, it changes. Hence, there is a need for more concentrated, better placed and genuine marketing campaigns rather than advertised gibberish. Also, a popular and fast growing age group on social networks is 45-55 which mirrors the attempts of the older generation to not lag behind with these winds of change.

Reining in the power of social media, digital marketing has emerged a useful tool for budding entrepreneurs to exercise their expertise. SocialBuzzar is one such digital media marketing venture set up by a team of young professionals with an idea to provide marketing solutions to enterprises which do not have the required tools and expertise to expand their business ideas.

Talking about his entrepreneurial journey, Mayank Jain, Founder, SocialBuzzar, says that, “This began around last November when the initial ideas of doing something new and challenging started moving around in my mind. I knew that Social Media was my forte and I didn’t miss the opportunity to start off with SocialBuzzar which somehow manifested from my own dream of seeing better marketing practices and innovative content. The motivation came from a lot of places but my idea of motivation is a bit different. When I see people failing at things, I observe and learn from their mistakes. So, partly it was from people who could not think beyond jobs and ran everywhere to score an extra mark. The other part of motivation came from this ever existent dream of mine to build something that exists independently and a platform for myself to research, innovate and grow!”

The SocialBuzzar team comprises of a diverse group of people with a knack for marketing. In a market as competitive as this, they wish to identify unconventional ways to establish a brand. “After all, not everyone has billion dollar budgets like a Coca Cola for their marketing, and this is where being unique matters. We actively engage in the dynamic world of marketing and shape our clients’ strategies according to the emerging trends,” adds Mayank. The team has individuals who have worked earlier with companies like McKinsey & Company, Ogilvy & Mather, SAFE Delhi, Lotto Sports, etc.

It is always good to know how an entrepreneur chooses his business. When asked the same about digital marketing, Mayank jokingly replied, “Frankly, I had no choice. It was Digital Marketing that chose me. When I realized the numerous hours I spent in looking for bugs on Facebook or faults in Twitter’s counters made me a fan of the digital media and how it affects our everyday lives; then came the desire to improve upon the existing and introduce some new concepts in marketing that can’t be taught in the books. Also, the dynamism in India, where people curse their children for burning time on Facebook, but do not shy away from creating a profile from themselves from the office itself, allured me.”

As the digital world changes within seconds, obsolescence of skills and one’s knowledge on social networks is a major hurdle for a digital media firm. “The world changes with a tweet here and views of people are volatile enough to be modeled on just one status update by an influential personality. We have to keep a track of things as they happen and keep educating and adapting ourselves to the customer’s need,” adds Mayank.

SocialBuzzar is currently managing the digital marketing for SAFE Delhi.

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