[MobiSparks Special] “Most People in Online Space Don’t Understand Mobile,” Vijay Shekhar Sharma, One97

VSS – Vijay Shekhar Sharma is the founder and promoter of One97, a pioneer in mobile internet services for consumers in India. Vijay is currently responsible for the strategy and direction and leads the company in all areas relating to business expansion as well as product road map. He draws from over a decade of exposure from telecom and new media in India. Vijay’s vision, strategy and direction have caused the company to grow multifold in a just a few years. Here, we catch up with VSS at the NASSCOM Product Conclave to learn from him:

“Mobile trends change, and very fast!” says VSS when asked about the latest trends. Casual and social games are in the news currently while a couple of months ago, everyone had Android utility games on their lips. So, it’s a very quickly changing industry and one has to pick up. Moving ahead, he talks specifically apps and some of the monetization methods.

VSS also believes that entrepreneurs in India need to understand mobile better. “Similar to how offline people don’t understand the internet, people savvy on the internet, find it hard to understand mobile completely,” believes VSS. Going further, he details about his investment plans and also shares some of the challenges in the space…

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