“Pick One Problem, One Easy Solution and One Market to Serve,” Neil Patel, Founder, KISSmetrics

Neil Patel, the founder at KISSmetrics is a popular figure in the startup ecosystem. In very simple words, KISSmetrics helps you get actionable metrics for your business and in even simpler words, Neil here tells us about his business. Traveling owing to the NASSCOM Product Conclave, Neil Patel was in Bangalore and briefly at Microsoft Windows Accelerator where we caught up with him.

Neil talks about the companies he met at the accelerator and takes us through the things he believes they’ve got right wit KISSmetrics. “We put all our eggs in one basket and that has really paid off,” says Neil. He also advises entrepreneurs to focus on one problem and not try to solve too much. Entrepreneurs get baffled trying to do too much and lose focus.

Roll through the video to learn more…

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