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[YS TV] Sharad Sharma on India’s Emerging Product Story


Sharad Sharma
Sharad Sharma

Sharad Sharma is a man of many designations- A Savvy Entrepreneur, Veteran Techie, Venture Capitalist, and most important of all Chair of NASSCOM Product Forum. Sharad has close to 25 years of experience in the internet, software and wireless sectors and is one of the most venerated figures in the startups ecosystem in India. Here, we engage in a  conversation with him at the NASSCOM product conclave to walk through the current state of the system.

Sharad starts off with talking about the extent to which the product conclave has grown and the conscious effort they’ve had to make to keep it reasonably small. Sharad then touches upon different aspects in this video and gives some valuable insights into this exciting startup phase of India. “There is a growing belief that software will take India out of poverty,” he says and from there on gives two possibilities as to where India can go. “While entrepreneurship has grown, the amount of angel/VC capital hasn’t grown that fast,” he believes and hints towards a linkage that is necessary between the Indian Startup Ecosystem and Silicon Valley.  “The key to a bright future will be enabling these small businesses to adopt technology,” explains Sharad and this needs to happen fast.

Then there are multiple challenges the startups in India face and ways in which the entrepreneurs can combat them… Watch the video to know more…

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