[YSTV] Sean Blagsvedt, CEO Babajob on what makes a startup cool

At the startup jobs fair, the Babajob stall was mobbed by many from the 5000 odd job seekers. An energetic foreign man, possibly dressed the most casually of all the companies that had gathered, was speaking with as many people as he could, to find the right fit for his company. And soon enough, he was having one on ones with candidates, one after the other.

By the end of the day, Sean Blagsvedt had shortlisted 3 people whom he definitely wanted to hire for Babajob. How did he go about doing this? Watch to know more –

“I think I go really fast with a lot of freshers in this time! They’d all be like, ‘do you have fresher jobs?’ and I would ask them, ‘do you have a demo to show me?’. And if they didn’t have a demo, I’d say, ‘we don’t have fresher jobs for you!’,” said Sean on hiring freshers.

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