Singapore based Zimplistic to launch Rotimatic to help make ‘rotis’ with a click of a button

If you’re looking for an example in good packaging, here’s one: Rotimatic. A simple but beautiful idea, Rotimatic is a machine that’ll help one make rotis at the click of a button. Rotimatic comes from Zimplistic, a venture founded by Singapore based Pranoti Nagarkar. .

Whoa! was the exact reaction when I had a look at the offering and glance over the “Why Rotis” section totally seems like a leaf from Apple’s book. The machine will have compartments for flour and water (no measurement required) and it’ll mix up the ingredients on its own and bake out rotis at the rate of one a minute.


Zimplistic is one of the 15 Singapore startups that has received grants totaling $6 million from Spring Singapore. Rotimatic also has an impressive board which will help to scale up the company. The major demand will come from South Asia and Indian expats living abroad.

There have been other companies who’ve made roti makers but all of them have been locally manufactured and distributed. Rotimatic is probably the first one to do it at scale and with internet as the primary means of promotion.

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The device will be available commercially only in September 2013 but the amount of press they have received is significant and a lot of it has to be attributed to the presentation. Also, looking at the sector the venture is in, it is refreshing to see it getting funded. How they actually materialize the machine and how effective it is, is still open to speculation but many will surely be waiting to know it all pans up.

Website: Rotimatic

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