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Did you know that AB –ve is the rarest blood group in the world? Wikipedia and Ashwin Krishnamoorthy, the co-founder of Bloodline have got the statistics to prove that. Bloodline isn”t a venture that came over a coffee table discussion, the issue of finding the right blood donors at the niche of the time is something which is quite prevalent and this was experienced in the personal life by two of the co-founders. It was then they realised that they could give the technology a humane angle.

Ashwin maintains that Bloodline does not work on blood collection and storage but instead makes the job of finding the right blood donor easier and quicker. They have an edge over the others by asking the donor and only if the donor accepts, do they link the recipient and donor. Also using location based services, Bloodline contacts donors nearby there by making the process a whole lot faster. Though there are many services of similar kind present what sets them apart is their all time updated list of the donors to the recipients.

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BloodLine - A Network for Life

With 130 web-registrations within the first day of launch the response has been phenomenal. In just about a week of the launch they have close to 450 like on Facebook and 150 installs on the .

Team Bloodline

Bloodline is backed by a team of IIT Madras Alumni and Final Year students. Ashwin Krishnamoorthy  is the co-founder who leads the operations and marketing of Bloodline is pursuing final year, dual degree at IIT-Madras, Vasant Sridhar who is also the co-founder is an alum of IIT-Madras works on the Business side of the application. Siddharth Swaminathan is an alumnus of IIT-Madras is the co-founder who is currently studying in Carnegie Mellon University has developed the website for Bloodline. Junaid is the App Developer of Bloodline is in his final year at IIT-Madras.

Currently, Bloodline is a free service to users as well as the healthcare organizations and blood banks that are a part of the network.  Presently Bloodline is available only in Chennai. Soon, they would be expanding it to Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad, shares Ashwin.

Divulging details Ashwin says that with the help of smart phones, they can now know the exact location of any donor, so a donor would be contacted ONLY if he is near to the recipient. Also, Bloodline keeps track of the last donated date. These criteria ensure that Bloodline reaches out to the most appropriate donor in the quickest time.

Blood donation is a voluntary act. Unless a blood donor comes forward to help out, there is not much of coercing any one should do. Bloodline respects the privacy and comfort of the donors registered with them. The donor private data will never be shared and the donor won’t be unnecessarily bothered. We are sure you shall come forward for this noble act, also we at YourStory have signed up as donors, hope you do too.

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