India Quotient backed DogSpot launches for Aquarium Hobbyists

PetsGlam Services Pvt. Ltd is a Gurgaon based company that started out in 2011. Founded by Rana Atheya, Vizal Atheya and Shailesh Visen, DogSpot initially started as a platform for dog enthusiasts in 2007 and then branched out into eCommerce in 2011. The company grew in traction and went on to raise funding from India Quotient. Currently doing more than 100 deliveries a day, the company has now expanded its offerings and has launched for aquarium hobbyists.

The Aquarium at DogSpot's office

The Aquarium at DogSpot’s office

FishSpot aims to be a one stop online shop for all the fish needs and aims to follow the footsteps of DogSpot.  FishSpot will cater to the needs of aquarium owners, fish enthusiast and breeders. Seemingly a very small market, Rana informs that the there is a huge rise of people who own aquariums. Corporate offices and aquascape artists are also a segment which doesn’t come to mind when one is looking at this sector. FishSpot has all products that will help an aquarium owner to assemble or maintain their fish boutique.

Office Space

Office Space

Products such as protein skimmers, wave makers and filters will be on offer too. FishSpot has an exclusive deal with Fluval, one of leading European brands for aquarium products under the umbrella of German giant Hagen.

The pet industry in India today is pegged to be an approximately Rs 1000 crore industry. There are more than 700 plus odd specialized fish and reptile products on the site right now and the aim is to add 1000 more in the next two months. Rana says, “We have been selling fish products through DogSpot for some time now. We wanted to solely cater to the need of all fish enthusiasts and hobbyists. The idea came into light when Ankur (COO,, Shailesh (CTO, and I all aquarium owners, at times went through trouble to get the appropriate product for our aquarium. We wanted to make it easy for our patrons. We want to streamline the product line and provide information to the end user in a very organized manner. This will all lot of ease for people to pursue fish keeping hobby.”

The company is also planning to add Cat and Bird Spots in next few months.

Website: FishSpot

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