Jewellery brand TBZ’s scion breaks away from family business to startup in music, with Enzy Studios

When someone is starting out on his own, the skepticism and doubts that he has to pacify is sometimes more tougher than doing business actually. And if you belong to a well-known business family, but are starting out in another field altogether – the pressures can be unprecented.

Nishchal Zaveri
Nishchal Zaveri

23-year old Nishchal Zaveri can tell you about how exactly this feeling is. Nishchal is the founder of Enzy Studios, which is a part of TBZ Entertainment. The name TBZ is one of the most well-known names in the jewellery and gems business in India. Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri Group is a seven-decade old group, well-known for its exquisite pieces of jewels. And Enzy Studios is an extension of the parent company into the space of entertainment, which is being spearheaded by Nishchal Zaveri, a music producer and artist.

Family and the early training

Nishchal was introduced to music by his grandfather Padmashree Kishorebhai Zaveri, who gifted him his first instrument, Tabla, at the age of 2. We asked him, if he faced any apprehensions from his family when he decided to take music as a profession. “I only had to ask my grandfather and he immediately agreed. Maybe nobody else in the family thought of moving away from the jewellery business I guess,” says the young scion. But he admits that every move of his is being scrutinized closely by the 250 member odd extended family of his.

Nishchal started his formal training in music from the age of 6 when he enrolled for Indian classical vocals. He graduated in Hindustani classical cocals and Tabla from Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad (Prabhakar). And then studied piano at KM Music Conservatory, Chennai (A.R.Rahman’s Institute). Nishchal went on to complete his degree in music production from Los Angeles Music Academy (LAMA). During his time in the United States he was a part of the band OCE and Los Angeles based band EYM. While there, he also performed as DJ Enzy for various events in Los Angeles, and had the opportunity to work with international producers.

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Branching out on his own

Enzy Studios
Interiors of Enzy Studios

Therefore when Nishchal came back to India, he was sure he wanted to put to use all his learnings in music; and Enzy Studios was the result of that. Located in Mumbai and spread over 5500 sq.ft, Enzy Studios boosts of state of the art music studio equipped with latest technology.

It is designed by Jerome Steckling of Skywalker Studios and has been executed by UK based Munro Acoustics. The studio has two control/mixing rooms, one live room, which can at a time accommodate 30-piece orchestra or hold a mini concert, 2 ISO booths a lounge and private rooms are also part of the facilities offered by the studio. There are other technicians at the studio to help music producers in every way. Nishchal also continues to be hands on at the studio.

The main aim of Enzy Studios says Nishchal, is to help people make music. “Anyone who wants to record and make their music are welcome here. Our doors are open to everyone,” he says. Started in April 2013, Enzy has already helped an independent band and a Belgian artist to record in the facility. Being located in the heart of all Bollywood action in Mumbai, Enzy is also looking at Indian movie makers to use the facility for recording. Another target audience is the ad film makers, who may want to record ad jingles or music for their advertisements. However getting film music producers into the studio will be a tough task says Nishchal: “they mostly have their fixed composers with whom they work, so breaking into the consideration set will be a tough task,” he admits. But he is also enthused with the response he has received to Enzy Studios, and says people have already started comparisons with Yash Raj Studios, which was so far the only option available.

Operations of the business

Enzy Studios
Interiors of Enzy Studios

Enzy Studios will earn its income from renting out the studio for recordings and other events related to music. There are also plans to create their own music, which they will then distribute and sell digitally through online music stores to generate income.

Enzy Studios is a player in the approximately Rs 600-crore worth music recording facility market. And the music they plan to produce, which would fall under the non-Bollywood genre of independent artistes – which is an equally lucrative space, growing at 20% YOY. “Did you know there are about 300 places that call themselves recording facilities in Jaipur? And that is the highest concentration you will find in any Indian city. There is a big demand for recording facilities, it is just that people are not able to afford the costs, and that is where Enzy will make a difference,” says Nishchal.

He currently has a three-member team working with him on the various aspects of business. Most publicity for the business is happening through word-of-mouth, and Nishchal is currently happy with that arrangement. The capital required for the business has been brought in by Nishchal and he is not in a great hurry to start reaping returns. “Music is something I love to do. But the businessman in me will make sure we make this economically viable thing to do,” laughs Nishchal.

So if you are a musician and need a place to record your music, do check out this brand new facility.

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