Madhuri Dixit starts an online dance academy – ‘Dance With Madhuri’

We’ve seen celebrities take the entrepreneurship route, and two predominant routes have been- eCommerce and restaurants. Malaika Arora Khan, Dino Morea, Katrina Kaif and the likes have associated themselves or started up eCommerce stores. And, in a recent announcement, Madhuri Dixit will be leveraging the power of internet via an Online Dance Academy- ‘Dance With Madhuri’.

Madhuri-Dixit-NeneAs per a press release shared with us, “the initiative by Madhuri Dixit will aim to help people stay fit combining Dance and Exercise. Madhuri Dixit’s online dance academy, will now have a new module ‘Dancercise’. It’s a combination of dance & exercise and a fun way of staying in shape.”

It further goes on to say “Madhuri Dixit wanted to share her secrets of staying in shape through a special Dancercise workout on her site through which anyone can get fit and have fun doing it. For Madhuri Dixit, ‘Dancing is all about the body, mind and soul.'”

The website is a decent effort and starts off with a tour which takes a user via the process of taking up a class. There is also a competition going on which invites people to sign up and have a chance to win iPads. Dance is a rather interesting space (checkout ZipOut) wherein other startups can innovate on the net because there are a lot of youngsters checking out YouTube videos to learn dance. Such initiatives can usher in a new wave, for now, have a look at Dance With Madhuri.

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