Help deliver software faster and cheaper, that’s our motto: CloudMunch

Prasanna Raghavendra and Pradeep Prabhu started CloudMunch to provide a powerful, extensible, full stack platform to make continuous delivery of applications and infrastructure, fast and easy. Before starting up, Prasanna and Pradeep had worked together for ten years with Infosys.

cloudmunchAt TechSparks 2013, Prasanna, CTO & Co-founder of CloudMunch, recalled how before starting up, entrepreneurship had looked glamorous. But once you begin work, you realise how tough it actually is, he said. “Earlier you had to do only one thing, but now you have to do a 100 things.”.

As CTO, Prasanna leads the architectural vision for CloudMunch DevOps platform. Prasanna has 17 years experience in IT industry where he played various software delivery roles, built software engineering platforms and cloud platforms. An expert in cloud platforms, SaaS and Web 2.0, Prasanna led technology projects for more than 10 years at Infosys, where he was head of engineering for the SaaS practice. In his last role at Misys, he was heading engineering of BankFusion platform which enabled faster development & delivery of its products. Prasanna is passionate about Agile development and DevOps practices.

Prasanna is most passionate about CloudMunch’s work is that they help deliver software faster and cheaper. “That really is our motto,” he says. CloudMunch services let software teams spend 100% of their time focused on their application code and not managing dev/test environments, CI servers, Deployment, ongoing operations or trying to stitch together various tools for better quality and faster release cycles.

Developers can continue to use tools they are familiar with and just push code to CloudMunch to do continuous integration test deploy and run in the cloud, with just a single click. Each startup will receive expert guidance on cloud development & hosting best practices as well a free implementation from CloudMunch.

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