Come, let’s celebrate and salute our Army Jawaans! Army Day Special with YourStory!

While we make huge noise about Valentine day etc, we forget a day which celebrates the unsung and “real” heroes of India. We at YourStory, salute our heroes and celebrate Army Day today. To honour this occassion, we bring to you the voice of our army veterans. If you need some real inspiration, look no further, watch this video, to see how our heroes speak from the heart. Also, we have spoken to young Indians, who share their dreams with us.

Wishing all our army jawaans a very happy Army day. We value and cherish what you do for us everyday.


Takeaways for all of us from the army veterans -

“When you talk of hard life, I would say its all about attitude, for us it was excitement and thrill” [2:24]

“It was the flag that kept us rallying together” [2:47]

“We grew up together as a family within the battalion” [2:53]

“Money was never a criteria for them” [2:54]

“The character of our country is so strong that when you compare it with any other forces, we can stand by any kind of environment, we can stay put and our demands are very less” [3:10]

“We never ask what are you going to do for us, we say what we can do for the country” [3:24]

Jai Hind!

Aditya Bhushan Dwivedi

Aditya Bhushan Dwivedi

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