5 promising Mumbai based startups that’ll bloom in 2014

Lists are the flavour of the season and while we’re at it, here comes another one with focus on startups which are likely to make news in 2014. Some of these are in stealth while some of them have been in the media but they are all relatively new and high potential. I haven’t been able to cover some of them because they’re still in their early stages and the founders don’t feel the coverage to be suited for the time, but 2014 is when these will probably be in the spotlight. And the interesting thing is that they’re all based out of Mumbai.


emp_logoEmportant: Co-founded by Sandeep Todi and Kanchan Kumar, Emportant is an HR & Payroll Management solution for fast growing Enterprises. The product suite is called UnComplex and their HR Apps ensure that consumers use and pay for only what they need. Sandeep and Kanchan have both worked together and have a solid experience in IT and HR domain. Kanchan is an integral part of TiE-Mumbai as well.

static.squarespace.comFusedcow (.net is the business domain): fusedcow Inc. was founded by Shubh Cheema and Kris Nair in Jan 2013 after a six year research on ‘self learning CAD’ and human centered design. fusedcow explores the intersection of product information modelling, architecture, economics, computing, data analytics and digital distribution. Kris has been involved with multiple startups before and knows the tight walk, and combined with Shubh’s domain expertise, the duo make a solid team in a rather unexplored field.

haptikHaptik: A messaging app, Haptik allows consumers to connect with brands via instant messaging. The asynchronous nature of messaging along with its growing use makes this a good value proposition. The company is founded by Aakrit Vaish, ex-Flurry India Director and has been running a beta with promising results. Read their story.

topprToppr: Toppr is into test preparation and currently helps students prepare for IIT JEE mains. The company has a large IIT Bombay cohort behind it and has been founded by Zishaan Hayath. Earlier, Zishaan co-founded Chaupaati.com where he built the phone commerce platform. Chaupaati.com went on to get acquired by Futurebazaar.com. Now with his new startup, the stage is set for another success story.

wizrocket-logo1WizRocket: Founded by Anand Jain (ex-Burrp), Sunil Thomas (ex- Network18 Media and Investments) and Suresh Kondamudi (ex-Network18), WizRocket is a SaaS tool kit that tries to give better analytics. The product values people over page views and the team was recently shortlisted for a YCombinator interview as well. Even though WizRocket didn’t make it, 2014 will be the year for them.

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Jubin Mehta

Jubin Mehta

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