Germany-based Night-job gives the AM-PM twist to online job portals

Online job portals have been a hot property all across the globe. Talking of India, Naukri and Monster are the big ones followed by loads of young startups dedicated to helping people find jobs, and employers find the right candidates- iimjobs, hasjobs, HackerEarth, YourStory’s jobs board and many more. In a recent development, a Germany-based startup has spun the concept on its head. is a startup that specializes in listing jobs after traditional work hours.

Night-jobFounded by ex-Credit Suisse employee Arthur Ergen, the company is a place for all jobs after 5 pm. “With many companies now operating 24 hours a day, there is a growing demand for jobs for the hours of 5 pm and after,” mentions Arthur about the thought behind their company. The other selling point is the “scrolling ads” technology for which they’ve filed for a patent. The ads scroll continuously through a widget that can be aligned either vertically or horizontally.

The network allows to place job listings on the websites of publishers who sign up for the service with job categories- health, hotels, catering, events, clubs, bars and travel. The advertisements are displayed as image/text ads and the platform operates on a CPC (cost per click) basis.

The service is at present in Germany and Switzerland alone but is an interesting model which may soon find regional clones. The idea shows the opportunity that lies within all of the bigger pies. Similar trend was followed by e-commerce startups where they started taking up niche slots and gain control on it. Closer back home, Pixeljobs is one example that has tried to slice up the jobs market by creating a portal for creative people. In another domain, Dayhalt has given an interesting spin to hotel bookings by offering half day bookings with luxury hotels. These are interesting ideas but only time will tell if they’re able to execute well and survive.

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