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What will change the game in consumer electronics?

This time too International CES, world’s most exciting Consumer Electronics Show, is sure to unveil a bunch of amazing products. After all, since its debut in 1967 in New York, CES has seen the launch of an array of revolutionary products, from the Video Cassette Recorder (VCR) to Ultra HDTVDriverless car technology, and Flexible OLED.

YourStory gives you a quick look at what is in store at the International CES-2014, to be held in Las Vegas, January 7 to 10.

What next with 3D printers

3D printing technology started in early 1980s, but it wasn’t until 2010 that it became commercially available. 3D printing took the whole world by a storm when a gun was manufactured using it and tested by the Defence Distributed. There were a lots of concerns with people voting for or against such manufacturing of firearms. The most famous name in the 3D printing industry is of theMakerBot, though there are a lot of enthusiasts working on manufacturing their own 3D printers in India as well. One of them is Angad Daryani whom we saw recently atTEDx in Mumbai. He has already developed four different models, and he says that 3D printing excited him so much so that he 3D printed a 3D printer!

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For an amazing auto experience

If you are the person behind the wheel, you need everything at your command within your reach and if you are the passenger, you expect almost all the comforts of your home in that 6×5 feet car. That obviously means a lot of things like music control, cruise control etc. already being implemented in cars, but a lot of progress and developments on these are yet to be experienced. On the security and protection aspect, a technology to prevent the driver from sleeping while driving, collision course tracking and prediction systems have been under constant development and improvement stage. Recently, we saw Tesla Motors revealing a Mobile Control Application, which puts owners in direct communication with the car.

The next big Wearable Tech

In 1980s, the calculator watch was the widespread wearable tech product, which became the fashion quotient then. Today, we have progressed to Google Glass, Samsung Galaxy Gear Watches and a host of other smart objects that can be worn such as GlovesSwimwear etc. There are amazing opportunities in this segment with more and more number of wearable tech products being launched. There is huge scope of improvement with add-ons that enhance its application. It is bound to raise high in the market, but will it beat the mobile phone segment, that only time will tell.

Showcase launch: Li-Fi

Li-Fi or the 5G communication system uses light from light emitting diodes as a medium to deliver networked, mobile, high speed of about 11 Gbps, 250 times more than high speed internet broadband network. It is projected to be at a growth rate of $6 billion by 2018. The first smartphone prototype is up for launch, which shall convert light waves into usable energy, making phones work without drawing out its battery. It does sound quite fancy, but this is definitely coming true.

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