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Google acqui-hires Spider.io to help stop online ad frauds

Adding to the acquisition spree of 2014, Google today announced the acqui-hiring of London based startup spider.io. It’s a web based security firm into checking the online advertisement frauds. Confirming the news on the blog, Neal Mohan,VP – Digital Advertising, Google said,

Today we’re announcing our latest investment: we’ve completed an acquisition of spider.io, a company that has spent the past 3 years building a world-class ad fraud fighting operation.

Google spiderio

Spider.io came into limelight last year, when it was able to identify the YouTube hijack by a notorious adware company, Sambreel. The amount of deal is not yet disclosed. The 7 membered team founded by Douglas De Lajer of spider.io will be joining Google as a part of deal.

Google further added,

Our immediate priority is to include their fraud detection technology in our video and display ads products, where they will complement our existing efforts. Over the long term, our goal is to improve the metrics that advertisers and publishers use to determine the value of digital media and give all parties a clearer, cleaner picture of what campaigns and media are truly delivering strong results. Also, by including spider.io’s fraud fighting expertise in our products, we can scale our efforts to weed out bad actors and improve the entire digital ecosystem.

This step can be considered as a measure to curb the online advertisement frauds, “As an industry, we can address this issue and block those who seek to game the system. We can make digital the platform of choice for all marketers — including brands — to invest. And we can offer accountable media for all; we’re excited to take this big next step.”

Updates coming soon.

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