After disrupting the mobile sector, Apple aims at the travel industry with iBus [Humour]

Apple is a company known to think ahead of the curve and disrupt the industries they operate it. No wonder then that the Cupertino, California based tech major has set its eyes on the booming travel industry with the launch of its ‘Apple iBus Travels’ service in India. With this Apple joins the ranks of technology companies such as Google who have been trying a get a piece of the automobile and travel industries.

Spotted on the streets of Bangalore, India’s technology capital the iBus seems to be a tie-up between Apple and Swedish bus manufacturer Volvo. The partnership with Volvo seems appropriate given their many years of experience in this sector. The bus also has an interesting tagline – “Bose is Boss”.

Apple iBus

These images from a third-party website further show that there are multiple models of the iBus:

Apple iBus


Apple iBus


Apple iBus


Tickets for the iBus can be bought at

Apple iBus


We have reached out to Apple and Volvo for comments but have not heard from them as yet.

Note: The story is not factual and real but the images and the website are not!

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