Kinvey Launches Dedicated Mobile Backend Platform

Like the way PaaS has found its way to enterprises through Private PaaS, Mobile Backends are moving into the corporate data center. This addresses the concerns of vendor lock-in, privacy, compliance and security. Kinvey, one of the leading enterprise Backend as a Service (BaaS) platforms, today announced the public launch of its Dedicated BaaS solution.  Through this, Kinvey is extending its existing BaaS capabilities to enterprise IT departments.

dedicated-baasEnterprises that leverage Kinvey’s Dedicated BaaS offering typically start by launching one app on Kinvey’s multi-tenant platform, and then scale to the dedicated managed service as they standardize on Kinvey. “Kinvey saved us a significant amount of time and money for the first app that we launched on their platform,” said Bret Siarkowski, VP of RAD group at Game Show Network. “Their Dedicated BaaS offering helps us securely connect to our internal systems, while delivering apps that consume a rich set of backend features that we get from their platform and don’t have to build ourselves.  Not having to operate, scale, secure, upgrade, or maintain backend infrastructure is of tremendous value in our business.”

Kinvey offers each Dedicated BaaS instance as a managed service to its customers.  Each Dedicated BaaS instance can be deployed on the customer’s private cloud or on-premise data center.  In a way, Kinvey is white-labeling its BaaS platform to enterprises.

 Sravish Sridhar, founder and CEO of Kinvey, said, “Delivering a dedicated, custom-branded managed service for numerous Kinvey customers is a very hard thing to do at scale.  The management tools we have built around Kinvey makes it easy for us to onboard a dedicated enterprise customer in days.  Our mission is to ensure that our customers can deliver new apps twice as fast and at half the cost, without having to deal with server or service maintenance headaches.”

 With the launch of its Dedicated BaaS platform, Kinvey is uniquely positioned to scale its business in the pharmaceutical, financial services, insurance, media, consumer product goods, and manufacturing — industries that typically need a dedicated offering for IT compliance purposes.  Going forward, this will become a key differentiating factor for Kinvey.

 Kinvey came out with its dedicated / single tenant model when the MBaaS community is still recovering from the shock of PayPal announcing the shutdown of StackMob. This raised many concerns on the portability of applications and the long term viability of cloud service providers. Serious customers considering to leverage MBaaS can rely on Kinvey’s dedicated BaaS platform.

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