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Six apps to sex up your love life


In today’s hi-tech world where there is an app for everything, how can sex be left out. For your benefit, we have reviewed six best and most innovative apps for adults to aid your relationship and sex life!

1) Sex with Glass


When Google created Google Glass, it got the whole world talking about its invasive approach. But a Lebanese designer has gone a step further and designed an app, called Glance, or ‘Sex with Glass’.  According to the app’s website, “It lets you see two different perspectives seamlessly. It changes the way you experience something personal.” So what exactly does it do? It lets you get your partner’s perspective while ahem, you are doing it. All you got to do is keep the device on (while you take the rest of the stuff off!) and just say the words, ‘Okay glass, it’s time’. The app will automatically record your PoV and will do so for your partner as well. And when you want the recording to stop, just say, ‘glass pull out’(it can’t get any more cheesier than this). The founders say, “We’ve designed the app to be beautiful, minimalist and seamless.”

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The app might run into problems with Google play store policies but developers have shown a willingness to adapt to them. They have also announced deploying an iOS app with the name Glance. It will be interesting to see Apple’s stand on this as they have much less tolerance than Google in issues related to sexually explicit apps or materials.

2) Down (Bang with friends)


This app is about simplicity. It gets you laid. That’s it. The app does not promise to find you a date or a companion. It promises a discreet sexual encounter with someone you are connected to. Ever fancied some friend or a connection but never had the chance to do something about it? With this app, you can get into the game real quick figuring whether you have a chance or not. The app ran into problems with Zynga and App Store but it has made a comeback and has also racked up investments. Interestingly, their content marketing strategy involves writing success stories that the app enabled. Nifty I would say!

3) Vibease


Web has always helped people establish emotional connections. Why not mix it up a little with some wearable technology and erotica? Can it make your experience much better? That’s what Vibease does. This is the latest and probably the best innovation to come out in the field of teledildonics. They say one of the biggest erogenous zone is the brain. Vibease app will tell you an erotic narrative and the vibrator will move accordingly. It is a three-inch long device designed specifically for “wearable” tech. You can wear it without any discomfort and turn it on without anyone noticing!

4) Lulu


Remember how everyone cribs about not enough female profiles and fake profiles on dating sites? Lulu is trying to solve this problem in a very different way. It’s a girls-only social network where they rate and review the guys. Girls can get information about their latest crush or find who’s hot property in town or the university! Sounds refreshingly new! They seem to be getting reasonable traction and have managed to cross more than a million app downloads. Maybe this is one way of solving the whole dating problem– put all the power in the hands of the feminine gender!

5) Avocado


This is the app for long-distance relationship couples. All of us have had friends who are in a long distance relationship and who hardly get off their phones! Avocado makes this constant connection much better. It is a private virtual world for you and your special one. With this app, you can privately share your photos, chat, give virtual hugs and kisses and stay in constant touch. It also creates an archive of your relationship and gives you a nostalgic walk down memory lane. What’s more, it gives you a handy list of date ideas and keeps your calendars in sync to plan dates and vacations! Everything that a couple needs, it is here in one app.

6) How about we for couples


If you are a couple who likes to go out frequently on dates to keep your romance alive, then this is for you. Unfortunately, it is not available in India right now but it would make a great use case. This app is free for download. Based on what’s happening in town, it will give you ideas on what you should do. You can suggest one of the activities to your beau and agree on what to do! What’s more, if you buy membership, it gives you great deals on a lot of these date ideas. Nothing like a few dates to rekindle the romance!

Which one do you see yourself using? Do let us know.

About the author

Manan is Co-Founder at Vozeal, a contextual video targeting technology. He is a graduate of IIT Kharagpur. While he is not hustling at Vozeal, he can be found at coffee shops in Bangalore reading a book.

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