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Reap what you sow; 3 Bangaloreans bid to change mindsets towards environment

Not many people understand the impact of their actions especially towards the environment.  Reap Benefit is a social enterprise working in the field of solid waste, water and energy to bring measurable and quantifiable benefits  through interventions in attitude and behavior.

Reap Benefit was started by three Bangaloreans, Gautam Prakash, Kamal Raj and Kuldeep Dantewadia.  They develop low cost interventions which have a measurable impact and use behavioral change techniques like gamification to bring a sustained change in actions. The trio has zeal to tackle environment issues through innovations.

RB Founders

Kuldeep started a pilot project to collect garbage from 150 households along with his friends. After six-seven months of working on the ground and doing carbon footprint studies, he started Reap Benefit with a mandate to bring behavioral changes towards the environment. Early in his career, he met Gautam and Kamal with great understanding of issues on the ground and complimentary skill sets. Gautam has worked with Microsoft Research, Thomson Reuters, Ashoka Youth & Children, while Kamal is a Bio Tech Engineer who worked at a social enterprise to understand household composting.

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One of their products is De’grade which helps you manage your wet waste and further composting at low costs without any hassles of turning pile or excess maintenance. Another product named, Up’Grade, is for those who are interested in a centralized large scale composting for their company/apartment etc., making it easier to handle large scale composting facilities. They have also manufactured low cost grey water system for government schools to facilitate effective management of water.

In terms of impact, Reap Benefit has benefitted 15,000 students. The team has worked with 85 educational institutions directly and indirectly and 25 organizations, thereby saving 21,00,000 liters of water and 2,00,000 units of electricity.  About  200 tonnes of waste has been diverted from landfills after implementation and design.

Reap Benefit is the winner of Global Start Up Workshop B-Plan Contest, Jagriti Yatra- Google B-Plan Contest, Anthah Prerana Event at TiE Bangalore and numerous other competitions. They have also attained fellowships from Ashoka, Changelooms Leadership Journey, MIT GSW, Udaan, Architects of the Future and India Youth Jam.

In the future, they plan to co-develop a technology platform using behavioral change techniques for students across the nation. They also want to develop technology based tools with behavioral change techniques.

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