UserExperience (UX) workshop with Intel’s Ashwini Asokan on March 1, 2014

If you’re looking to create some wonderful, magical waves using User Experience, for your product and your business, here’s a lovely chance to learn how. Come join Ashwini at Ginserv, behind Leela Palace, Old Airport Road, Bangalore for a day’s worth of fun and lessons that could change the way you think about your startup.

UX Workshop March 1
UX Workshop March 1

“The words ‘User Experience’ have come to encompass a vast vocabulary of skills, methods, thought process and philosophy. And it has come to mean different things to different people in different countries, businesses or walks of life. The closest I can get to describing this: is through the lore of the blind men and the elephant. Some see it as user research, some others as UI design and many more as usability testing. And this is especially true, in a country like India, where both the academic and professional fronts are barely just beginning to explore this vast space. As innovators forging breakthroughs in our respective fields, it is crucial that we understand, adopt and make second nature to us, what often seems like nothing more than an evasive, fuzzy (and if I may add, sometimes even just a fancy & glamorous) mantra.” – Ashwini Asokan leads Intel’s UX Lab’s charter in India. Ashwini recently moved from California, where she led the UX Lab’s Mobile Innovation Portfolio

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Come join us in association with our partner Ginserv and peel open the different layers of User Experience that can create both clear value for your business, as well as add a solid foundation for your innovation process, in ways you’ve never imagined before!

Venue: Ginserv, Global Incubation Services, CA Site No:1, JSS Institution Campus, HAL 3rd Stage, Behind Hotel Leela Palace, Kodihalli, Bangalore

Time: 11am – 3pm Register Now

Here’s a glimpse into the things you will takeaway from the UX workshop:

  1. What is UX? Why you need to care?
  2. UX tools and processes that can help you build entire apps in 48 hours
  3. A customized map of the kinds of UX tools you can use in various stages of your product & your business (customized to each participant)
  4. A super useful UX kit to guide you once you leave this workshop
  5. An index of UX resources you can use as you build your product

Brief on Ashwini Asokan: 

Ashwini Asokan leads Intel’s UX Lab’s charter in India, bringing to India one of the key disciplines that has been driving innovation in the technology industry for a few decades now. She moved to India earlier this year from California, where she led the UX Lab’s Mobile Innovation Portfolio. She’s here with a goal to help spawn UX driven,India specific innovation. She hopes to build an exciting body of work, relevant to the Indian market, while simultaneously establishing a User Experience driven culture in India. She believes now is the time for scaling UX presence in India, given the rapidly growing infrastructure, online culture as well as the youthful, refreshing risk taking business and startup culture. You can connect with Ashwini @AshOnIndia or on LinkedIn where she also posts links to her work and publications.

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