[Infographic] State of design in Indian startups, Q1 2014

The world has woken up to the importance of design in startups, and Indian startups seem to be taking the path too. So what is the current state of design in Indian startups? What is their current knowledge and capability? What is lacking? Check out this infographic to know more!

World-class design infographic


  1. Overview: State of Design in Indian Startups
    1. Design in Indian startups is coming of age, with more and more companies realizing that good design can mean the difference between success and failure
    2. Although the importance is being realized, formal design training and knowledge seems to be lacking in the ecosystem – many designers seem to have learnt informally
    3. The need for quality designers in Consumer Internet, Mobile and Enterprise products is going to rise rapidly in the near future
    4. There is quite a way to go for Indian startups to achieve world-class design
  2. Design Knowledge
    1. For 75%, this was the first formal exposure to design teaching
    2. 84% of Consumer Internet startups rate their knowledge of UX as low to medium
    3. 78% of Mobile startups rate their knowledge of UX as medium to high

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    5. 50% of Enterprise startups believe their knowledge of usability as low to medium
    6. 67% of Mobile startups rate their Human Computer Interaction (HCI) knowledge as medium to high
  3. Design Talent
    1. Most startups are willing to pay a premium for quality designers, but feel that there is a dearth of good talent
    2. Startups across all sectors feel that the availability and ease of discovering good design talent is very low
    3. 81% of Mobile startups are willing to pay a premium for quality designers, indicating a shortage of trained mobile app designers
  4. Importance of Design
    1. More and more Indian startups are realizing the importance of design and inculcating it as part of the core business strategy
    2. 70% of Mobile startups have a focus on design in business strategy as compared to 55% Consumer Web startups
    3. 74% Mobile startups have a focus on design even at Minimal Viable Product (MVP) stage as compared 41% Consumer Web startups

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