Flipkart launches same-day delivery; so what’s the big deal?

Almost the last to the same-day delivery race is Flipkart. After Amazon, Snapdeal and Tradus have already been doing it for the past four months, Flipkart got on the same-day delivery bus today. And talking about buses, redBus forayed into the hotel booking space today.

Snapdeal and Tradus had started their same-day delivery services earlier this year. Unlike Flipkart, they do not charge any extra fee for the same day service. But their delivery promise is limited only to Delhi-NCR and Gurgaon. Flipkart has launched the offer with an introductory price of INR 140 which they intend to change to INR 200 after the offer period. It is interesting to note that Snapdeal and Tradus do not offer delivery guarantees.


Flipkart has made same day shipping available in 10 cities namely Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Kolkata, Manesar, Navi mumbai and Thane. These are those locations where Flipkart has its warehouses, which makes it easier for them to fulfill the guarantee.

The clincher is that the order needs to be made before 12 noon. For the first two days, Flipkart is also offering to pay up to INR 5000 if it can’t keep up its delivery promise.

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Flipkart has taught Indians online shopping and remains the true leader of the Indian e-commerce market. While execution should remain at the top priority of its business model, what is disheartening to see is that Flipkart is almost playing a catch up game with the ecommerce behemoth Amazon, a very late entrant to the Indian market.

Amazon is fast strengthening its hold on the market as well. Amazon has been well-known for disruptive innovations and it continues to live up to its reputation in India as well. Last week, in a very smart move, it has tied up with kirana stores in Bangalore. This tie-up makes in-store pickups for orders possible. Kirana store owners are given a commission for providing the facility. This is exactly why Flipkart should be worried.

A quick survey of few Flipkart users shows a lack of excitement. “I see its utility in emergency situations. But then again, I’d rather take an auto or a bus and spend 140 rupees on the travel and get my stuff faster and for sure,” said one Facebook user.

What do you think about Flipkart’s same-day delivery? Do you see yourself using the service? 

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