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How To Create A Fanatical Fan Base Around Your Product

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I was recently joined by Aaron Schwartz from Modify Watches to discuss how he built such a fanatical fan base around his products.

There’s no doubt the watches he makes are slick, but what has really made his company successful are the rabid fans spreading the word about Modify Watches.

How did Aaron build such an incredible fan base? Hear him explain in the video below:

Here are some key takeaways from the video:

The number one thing Aaron focuses on at Modify Custom Watches is customer service. He started the company four years ago, and to this day every single customer gets a handwritten note. Just something small like “Thank you for your business,” but they also try to personalize each note with a bit of humor.

The idea behind the note is to humanize the business by showing customers they’re dealing with real people. Ordering online is very impersonal, so adding the personal touch of a custom note helps build a relationship with each customer.

He and his team make it a part of the company culture to go above and beyond to make each customer happy. For example, if they know when a customer’s birthday is they will send the customer gift or at least a card.

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Another thing they have done for their customers is involve them in the business every step of the way. Everything from choosing the colors that go to production, to deciding the name of the company has all been done with the help of their customers.

Another driving force of the company culture at modify watches is: “you don’t know what you don’t know,” meaning they make themselves available for customer feedback. There’s nothing worse than having an unhappy customer and not knowing about it. If you know about it you have a chance to solve their problem, which ensures you keep their business and they keep spreading good things about you.

When Modify Watches was starting out as a new company they knew they were going to make some mistakes along the way. From the very beginning they wanted to know what they were doing wrong and what they could do better. The feedback they received helped them create better products and introduce new products that customers love.

If customers care enough to share their feedback, the team at Modify Watches always responds to show their customers they’re being listened to. This helps strengthen that personal connection that’s often lost online.

Being accountable is another part of the company culture at Modify Watches that has helped them create such a passionate fan base. Simply put: if they screw up, they own up to it.

At the end of the day if a customer is spending money with your business, it’s a big deal. Showing them you care and you’re thankful for their business is the best way to keep them coming back and telling others about you.


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