With hundreds of interns from IITs, Zurepro offered extended warranty to 3,500 customers within 6 months

We don’t hesitate to buy expensive gadgets like iPhone, Samsung’s S or Note series, but get flustered when the gadgets malfunction after the expiry of the warranty period. But there are a few startups which offer better post sales service on mobile phones and other gadgets.

One such startup is Zurepro which lets you get extended warranty services on mobile phones and tablet. Essentially, you pay a fee to ZurePro, and they cover your gadget’s software and hardware damages. Launched in November last year, the startup promises repair in a week’s time with free pick up and drop at your doorstep.

“In the past six months, the journey so far has been a rollercoaster ride for the team,” says Mausumi Chakravorty, Co-founder & CMO of Zurepro. The company has evolved in terms of products, services, users and revenue. It has over 3500 satisfied users while the website ranking is going stronger as compared to any of the competition. “We have added new products to our catalogue apart from the extended warranty. Customers are showing interest in these kinds of protection plans,” she adds.

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Zurepro is a hybrid model of both e-commerce and retail channel partners. E-commerce players like integrated their warranty services in Zurepro’s websites, including some sellers on Amazon and Junglee. On the retail front, it has partnered with over 50 stores in Mumbai which are selling its extended warranties.

The company has developed its authorized repairing centers in Mumbai but in the future it plans to develop its own in-house repairing facility to serve customers more effectively and thereby reduce the time taken for repairing from seven to three days.

“Since we’re in the service industry, we believe in building a very strong relationship with customers. The responsibility of Zurepro starts from the day when the product is purchased by the individual. It is from that time when our commitment begins for any kind of mechanical, electrical or software failure or any other issue with the gadget,” adds Mausumi.

Moreover, the company not only offers a second year warranty with free doorstep pick up and drop but also free insurance for products in association with New India Assurance. In case a consumer sells his or her product, the warranty is transferred to the new owner.

There are quite a few companies who are selling warranty services but Zurepro believes that they do not have any competition. “Zurepro’s USP is its young, skilful and creative team. The term ‘warranty’ or ‘repair’ has always been considered boring and unattractive, but we at ZurePro want to create a much cooler and classy edge to the company with a very good and robust branding and after sale services,” adds Mausumi.

Zurepro runs one of the largest internship programs in the country recruiting around 100 plus students from all the major IITs. “We received a massive application of 1000 plus candidates hailing from IITs and NITs for the intern program. We are recruiting them for the tech team, app development, branding, marketing and sales and various other divisions,” she reveals.

Besides Mumbai, the company will  expand to 10 other tier I and II cities to make people aware of the brand. Later, it will be penetrating into all major cities and will also foster partnerships with e-commerce companies.

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