DaeBuild promises to solve staffing and monitoring of real estate startups

Real estate is one of the fastest growing segments in India. The segment has been attracting new entrepreneurs to tap the growing demand of mounting housing needs. Startups in the real-estate sector are introducing new technologies (hardware) for building better and safe houses, speedy completion of projects etc. among several others. On the software front, startups like DaeBuild help optimize and automate the processes like staffing, tracking customers, brokers and sales.

Launched in 2011, DaeBuild collaborates with builders and developers to find innovative ways to leverage CRM Software. DaeBuild CRM is specifically tailored for Indian real estate developers, which enables them to organize and automate various processes related to leads, sales, customer accounts, documents, brokers and staff. “It is bundled with ‘The White Board’ first of its kind which initiates an emotive connect between real estate developers and technology,” says Sachin.


The startup intends to bridge the gap between real estate developers and their customers. Its aim is to empower the buyer and seller.

DaeBuild CRM is a brainchild of Sachin Mehra who founded Daemon Information Systems way back in 1998 at the age of 22. A self starter with capital to survive only for a few days, he has come a long way to develop Daemon as a strong player in enterprise software development. It took him over 13 years of determined, passionate, tireless struggle to fulfil his dream of a software product that would bring joy to its users.

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How DaeBuild got its initial customers?

“We had one on one meetings with various real estate developers. Being a new product, it was a challenge to penetrate the market. It took us over 50 sales calls before we could close our first customer and then there was no looking back. With a lot of persuasion and perseverance we got our first 5 customers in and out of Ahmedabad,” says Sachin.

One of the key challenges for the startup was to develop the reach of its product with very limited marketing budgets. “Our key strategy was to have a one-on-one dialogue with our target clients,” adds Sachin.

Competition and USPs

It receives competition from various organized and unorganized players. “The depth of features in DaeBuild software clubbed with strong thrust on quality and simplicity of use differentiates us from most of our competitors,” points out Sachin.

DaeBuild’s key challenge was to design a product which is flexible and adaptable to all categories of builders. “Strong field research and equilibrium between all aspects of product development enabled us to overcome this challenge and develop DaeBuild real estate CRM software,” adds Sachin.

With release of its new version just round the corner, it plans to continue adding value to real estate sector through its new features and tools. “We will further intensify our field research, bring in more innovative features and broaden the horizons of our market reach,” says Sachin.

Website: Daebuild

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