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“If life were to be compared to a race without a set destination, every goal attained would only begin the quest for another,” believes Aditya Sharma, Co-founder of Helfis.

Advent of technology has made life much easier but also brought along its share of problems. There are more diseases caused due to the modern lifestyle than any other cause.

Abhinav Kumar and Aditya Sharma, Co founders – Helfis

When Abhinav, Aditya’s friend, suffered a cervical spondylosis attack — the main reason for which was his sedentary lifestyle — Aditya decided to look deeper into the problem.  “We realized that conditions like dropping fitness levels, reluctance to participate in sports or physical activities, and a sharp rise in lifestyle diseases such as heart problems and strokes, coupled with a lack of adequate preventive health care, threatens future growth prospects, globally.” To solve this problem, Aditya and his Co-founder Abhinav got together and started working on a cloud-based platform  to assess people’s lifestyles by analyzing individual fitness levels, diet and physiometry.

Their platform comprises of an online physiometry test which will measure the physical activity, daily routine, well being, psychometry, diet intake, eating behaviors, sports aptitude, fitness levels, nutrition balance and medical history.

Using the analysis and recommendations, a customized dashboard, which is known as Personalised Performance Measurement System (PPMS), is designed for users incorporating their health, fitness, diet, training and sports plan.

Personalized Performance Management Systems (PPMS) are powered by computational wearables or mobile devices, which target different age groups. Under this continuous assessment tool, different aspects of wellness, that is health, fitness and sports are shown under one umbrella.


Helfis uses Performance Assessment Systems to monitor user’s activity and performance record on a daily basis. The systems used by them include:

  1. Health Analyzer: To track individual’s health by monitoring parameters such as health screenings, vaccinations, nutrition-intake, weekly diet-charts, biometric assessments, immunizations etc. and provide health counseling and preventive healthcare solutions.
  2. Fitness Assessment Module: To assess fitness 12 key parameters, including flexibility, agility, strength, cardiovascular fitness, endurance, coordination, speed, and ergonomic assessments.

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Depending on their preference, users can choose Sports or Gym Performance Management System to gauge their present performance and to find out where they need improvements. It comes with features like Training Schedule, Performance Manager, Gap Analyzer, Real-time Coaching, Leader’s Board and Group Challenges.

At present, Helfis also offers apps for the smartphone users to access all the above mentioned tools.

Helfis is Co-founded by Aditya Sharma, who is a Consultant at Boston Strategies, Director of Engineering at BITSAA, and Director, ASME India Section. He has brought his share of experience in technology and strategy consulting into HELFIS, while Abhinav, with his past experience in pharmaceutical and healthcare domain consulting, looks at product development.

At present, they have partnered with Silicon Valley-based startup Glavio Inc., makers of Mevu wearable device and Alive OS (the world’s most intelligent platform for wearables), for the computational wearable device and technology.

Aditya shares the most important lessons from his journey, which include:

1. Choose your team wisely and synchronize your thoughts

2. Think from end-user’s perspective

3. Continuous Innovation

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