How Your Startup Can Benefit from Using Social Media Influencers

social media influencers
Social media has become an integral part of the modern online marketing fabric and many companies are starting to use social media influencers like Branden Hampton to really get their most out of their following and take advantage of relationships that they’ve built with their customers.

In 2014, major advertisers and publishers are looking at social media as simply another extension of their brand and a great opportunity to prove to their customers that they’re just like the rest of us. With this obvious networking and marketing capability, it comes as no surprise that social media gurus like Branden Hampton are in high demand. Recently Murray Newlands from YourStory met up with Branden at the Startup Grind conference in Mountain View, California to talk social media marketing and how Branded has become so successful through these channels.

To find out more, watch the full interview below:

These are the key takeaways from the interview:

  • Over the course of his “social media career” Branden has managed to grow his Twitter and Instagram following to mass proportions, proclaiming to have “figured out the social media game early.” As an early adopter, Branden learned how to make social media an invaluable marketing tool for himself, and has since turned it into a full time business providing social media services for major clients.

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  • In the interview Branden gives his personal tips for successful social media marketing campaigns, but only after asserting that if you want to see real results, trusting your campaigns with social media influencers like himself will be the most viable option for brands.
  • In regards to using social media to further grow your own following, Branden’s advice is pretty simple—create and share original content that caters to peoples’ emotions. Whether it’s love, hate, curiosity, necessity, or some other emotion, getting people to personally invest in your brand is the first step to growing an audience and being able to capitalize on the true potential of social media.

For more information and Branden’s very own pro tips for using social media as a marketing tool, be sure to watch the full video interview at follow Branden on Twitter at @NotBranden.

If you have any questions after watching the video, feel free to ask them in the comments section below!

About the author

Murray Newlands is YourStory’s US Correspondent and Deputy Editor of Search Engine Journal. Murray founded The Mail in 2013, an angel-funded startup publication covering performance marketing and mobile marketing. Murray is an advisor to a number of bay area startups and has authored several books.

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