What does collaboration mean to you? Tweet us on our shorter twitter handle @YourStoryCo

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” –Michael Jordan

[File Image] Shradha Sharama speaking about her Valley experiences in 2013
[File Image] Shradha Sharama speaking about her Valley experiences in 2013
We at YourStory are all about stories. You may ask why? Because we believe that in life, experience is the best teacher, and a compelling story comes a close second.

Over the past years, we’ve worked day and night to bring you compelling stories to inspire and motivate you. We started with ‘dot in’ domain name ( and made a transition to ‘dot com’ ( enlarging our scope & reach globally because stories have no boundaries. One of the platforms we used to tell stories was our twitter handle @YourStorydotin

Now we bring you the rebranded new shorter twitter handle @YourStoryCo

Building on these two letters that we added to our handle (Co), we’ll be doing collaboration themed campaigns. We ask you to share with us what collaboration means to you. Please tweet us on our shorter handle (@YourStoryCo)

We present an infographic of a very old story with an underlying moral for collaboration.

Startups are filled with stories of collaboration. We look forward to hearing your stories. Please share them with us one tweet at a time (images, YouTube links, Gif are all allowed)

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What does collaboration mean  @YourStoryCo -
What does collaboration mean to you via @YourStoryCo


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